Yeasayer Releases Live Album, Lets You Name Your Price

Yeasayer Release Live Album


Yeasayer have decided that 2010 was such a good year they had to give something back to their fans.

With that spirit in mind, the band has opened its audio vaults and released a live album for download. You can snag Live at Ancienne Belgique on their website and the band even lets you choose the price for the album (yes, free is an option).

The album was recorded on October 28th of last year in Brussels. The track list looks like this:

01 Madder Red

02 Rome

03 Wait for the Summer

04 Tightrope

05 Red Cave

06 Grizelda

07 Sunrise

08 Mondegreen

09 Strange Reunions

10 O.N.E.

11 Ambling Alp

12 The Children

13 2080

The Gorillaz Play Santa


Some people believe that giving is better than receiving. It seems that Damon Albarn is firmly in this camp. Gorillaz fans got the gift of a brand new album for free on Christmas morning.

Nothing better than some shiny new tunes for the holidays. The album was written and recorded entirely on an iPad (a crazy feat in itself) while the band was on tour.

The band released all sorts of artwork and wallpaper for the new album on the days prior to Christmas. You should check it out, there’s probably something up there right now.