Atoosa Grey Brings Light to the Storm

Haunting and introspective, Atoosa Grey’s “Storms,” the third single off of her first upcoming album in over a decade, and the song is based on an interesting concept. 

Written on the piano and accompanied by a small ensemble, “Storms”aims to confront the past by reminiscing on the events that played out, while currently in the aftermath of the storm. “These songs detail the way the dark can transform, heal, and toughen us; and ultimately how struggle can be a source of much richness in our lives” Atoosa states, “In telling the truth, these songs gave me hope and freedom”. 

“There is light at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes the real enlightenment comes from ruminating in the shadows”. This is the main theme that Atoosa explores throughout her upcoming album and currently released singles: “Dear Darkness”, “It Takes Time”, and more recently released, “Storms”. 

The NYC based poet-songwriter Atoosa Grey, has to date released four albums, a chapbook (a paper-cover booklet containing poems), and has had her poetry published in print and online journals. Having been on a hiatus for the past decade, Atoosa is back, better than ever, and cannot wait to release her upcoming album “Dear Darkness”. 


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