Dani Stevenson (Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” singer, Missy Elliot) Reveals Epic New Single

Remember Nelly’s hit song “Hot in Herre” from 2002? (Of course you do). The woman singing that breathy, catchy chorus was hip-hop artist Dani Stevenson, and now she’s back with a single of her own called “Love Me,” the follow up to her end of 2020 release, “Sugar Honey Ice Tea ft. Shya L’Amour.” 

Listen in here!

Dani Stevenson (formerly known as Dani Love) says, “‘Sugar Honey Ice Tea’ is about the people who always have something to say with the intent to bring other people down. The song says, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all!”In addition to the GRAMMY-winning Nelly collaboration, Dani has also worked with Missy Elliott and Pharrell Williams, and she featured on Nappy Roots’ “Headz Up”. Her song “Yo Yo Yo” appeared in the Vin Diese’s film XXX. Dani Stevenson combines her Atlanta-born, Southern roots with her upbringing in Harlem, NYC into a wide range of influences to pull from. “Love Me” is the second single from her forthcoming album Abandoned. Stay tuned for more!


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