The Stars of Disaster Reveals “Hey Dorkmeyer”

The Stars of Disaster started playing together in February 2019, in Pittsburgh, but the songs started coming in 2014. Anthony Schiappa had made a go of it as an airline baggage handler in upstate New York, an academic in NYC, and an exile in Scandinavia. After returning to his Steubenville, OH, basement, trying to stave off the terrors of clock-punching and memory, he rediscovered his childhood love of making loud music.

The Stars of Disaster’s new single, “Hey Dorkmeyer,” slips back and forth between a child’s view and an adult looking back on a childhood friend. It paints an honest picture of the past: sympathetic where it was warranted, unflinching and harsh where it was warranted. The vulnerable lyrics have been paired with stripped back production.


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