Fake Shape Gives Us “Nother Thought”

Fake Shape is an Alternative-Indie band from Hamilton, Ontario that formed in September 2018. All five musicians offer their own aesthetic, creating music that falls between funk, indie-rock, pop and ambient electronic. They have been writing and recording at Fort Rose in Hamilton and are getting ready to release their debut EP, Night Swim.

The band’s cynical and resonant new single, “’Nother Thought,” is about trying to convince yourself that you’re okay when you’re not. It’s about the feeling of trivializing your moods and emotions, instead of fully accepting them. In the end, the song ends positively about overcoming the dark creatures in your mind. 

Singer/songwriter Chester Edington wanted his voice to sound ragged for the recording, and to achieve that, he did jumping jacks before each vocal take. Though truthfully, the best way to hear that sound is to come see Fake Shape perform live, where the band really gives it their all and don’t have to try to fake the ragged vocals. 


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