Carolee Rainey Shares Impressive New Album, Out Today!

Screenshot 2018-04-27 at 1.35.39 PM
Carolee Rainey shares for gorgeous new record with us today entitled “Feel Fearless”. The buzzworthy songstress who has been garnering attention with elegant singles and videos, delights on the newest release which surprises at every corner.
Elegantly crafted she brings her vision to life song after song, with each as enticing as the next. A couple of my favorite tracks from the album include the critically-acclaimed single “Empower,” and “Mystic Rose,” the opening track which brings the essence of the release to life from the start.
Throughout the record it is evident that her heart and soul is poured into the songs. She skillfully crafts each piece as her journey comes to life within every story. With haunting and gorgeous instrumentation, all of the selections blend perfectly. An artist to be on the lookout for this year, this is only the beginning for Carolee Rainey. Her prominent release “Feel Fearless” is out today.
Connect with Carolee Rainey here:

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