Vampire Weekend Appear on MTV Unplugged

Gone are the days when MTV airs their Unplugged performances on TV. Of course we’re in an indie rock renaissance and as all of our favorites hit the stage the only way we can see them is over at MTV’s website. The most exciting Unplugged of, well maybe ever, is the one that the hottest band around right now, Vampire Weekend just filmed. The band took the stage to perform six songs, new and old with an orchestra and a very intimiate crowd. This is every Vampire Weekend’s fans dream, and hey, even if you’re not into the band, it’s time to start. How they’re able to pull off their songs from “Cousins” to “A-Punk” acoustically, so beautiful, is truly an amazing experience. This gives us a taste of what the band is going to provide on tour this time around, and it looks good to us. Move over Grizzly Bear. Someone is stealing your thunder this year.

Watch the Unplugged video for “A-Punk” below

Watch the entire Unplugged performance HERE

Secondhand Sunday: Vampire Weekend “A Punk”

It’s only a few days until Vampire Weekend releases their second record Contra (XL) and it’s safe to say that people are pretty excited. Alright, extremely excited. The quartet is bound to make an even bigger splash the second time around especially since they managed to out due themselves, which a lot of people thought would never happen. This edition of Secondhand Sunday is Vampire Weekend’s “A Punk.” Yes kids, thats where it all started. Two more days until Contra!

Vampire Weekend “Oxford Comma”

I’ve always been back and forth on my liking of Vampire Weekend. I surely don’t think they are as great as a lot of people make them out to be, but I find some of their songs to be really good. In my opinion, Vampire Weekend’s songs can be really catchy or just kind of dull.  Sometimes I view them a more put together and marketable version of The Walkmen. 

I must admit that ‘A-Punk’ is on my list as one of the best indie songs to dance around to, while “Oxford Comma” is one of my favorite songs to listen to on a fall day and paint to. I guess the test of time will see if Vampire Weekend becomes a memorable indie band or just another generic hype machine. Its so hard to tell these days.

In any case, enjoy “Oxford Comma.” Its a pretty damn fine video.

Also check out Vampire Weekend and their tour extravangza on their Myspace