The Decemberists “Valerie Plame”

The Decemberists seem to be taking a little page out of the Bishop Allen book lately (almost). Though The Decemberists will be releasing an album sometime in 2009, first they are releasing “Always The Bridemaid: The Singles Series” which will come out in three volumes starting in October. They will be released digitally and on vinyl, but oddly there is no word about cd format. It keeps it more interesting this way, and plus the vinyl release is colored.

The First Volume titled “Valerie Plame” comes out October 14th, with Volume Two coming out on November 4th called “Days of Elaine”. Volume Three out on December 2nd is titled “Record Year”. Keep in mind that these will be only 2-3 songs. I guess this will hold us all over until The Decemberists go back in the studio to make another full length, but it is pretty safe to say that the singles series is going to be spectacular.

The Decemberists are going on tour later this fall so be sure to check out the tourdates on their Myspace

And here is one of my favorite things, The Decemberists performing ‘O Valencia’ on Letterman a couple of years ago. (I would put up the new song but Capitol Records is real strict and I don’t feel like getting sued this week) Enjoy!

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