Love is All “A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night”

When Of Montreal takes a band on tour you expect them to be good. Upon hearing the news that the Swedish rock outfit Love is All is opening for the band at the beginning of the tour, including their NYC date, I got pretty excited.  You probably don’t know this about me, though why would you, but I absolutely adore Swedish indie bands. There is just a super energy that they have. Its almost like they are trying to kill you with excitement.

Love is All may remind you a bit of The Sounds at first, but they mangage to pull off a real retro sound to their recordings that is almost like a warm vinyl sound. You can also dance your ass off to them. Love is All will be releasing A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night” on November 11th. Be sure to also make it out early if they are opening for Of Montreal in your town. Its going to be one hell of a show. Of Montreal and Love is all blend perfectly together.

Check out Love is All on their Myspace

Watch the video for Love is All’s “Wishing Well”

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