Modern Mystery’s Top 10 Music Videos of the Year

The Modern Mystery Year End Lists are finally starting, and here goes the first round. We have compiled our Top 10 Music Videos of the Year to share with you.

1. The Morning Benders- Waiting for a War
This video is what introduced me personally to The Morning Benders. ‘Waiting for a War’ is one of the catchiest songs of the year, with a pretty rad video to go along with it. Anyone who feels like they have a dead end boring job certainly gets this video.

2. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin- Think I Wanna Die
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin make some of the most amusing videos we have ever seen, and ‘Think I Wanna Die’ takes the top prize. In this video our poor little SSLYBY boys are nearly killed by their soon to be ex-girlfriends. At least they seem to be having a good time while shooting it.

3. Miniature Tigers- Cannibal Queen
The Miniature Tigers won our hearts this year with their super amazing debut ‘Tell it to the Volcano’ but to add even more, they put out a hillarious video for ‘Cannibal Queen’.  Charlie as the ‘deranged little man’, Rick as the ‘cannibal queen’. It just makes for a good laugh to a great song.

4. Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band- Souled Out!!!
Its nice to see Mr. Conor Oberst not take himself so seriously for once. ‘Souled Out!!!’ is a superb video that shows off Conor and the band joking around. From riding bikes with Jason Boesel, to playing in a fake snow storm, the fun never stops for these guys. Oh, and the song is extremely good too!
5. MGMT- Electric Feel
There is something about MGMT that just makes you want to dance ALL OF THE TIME. ‘Electric Feel’ is no exception. The video itself is a psychadelic dance party that doesn’t want to end. With robot-bears and flaming motorbikes, you won’t know what to watch first.


6. Tim Fite- Big Mistake
We love cartoon videos and we love Tim Fite, so the combination of the two for ‘Big Mistake’ is just perfect. I’m not sure if haunting is the right word, but the video is just that. This isn’t Tim’s big mistake, its his art.

7.M83- Kim and Jesse
Not only is the song so ‘1980s’ sounding, but so is the video. When Kim and Jessie are thrown out of their high school gym practice space when they are rolling skating, they head over to the skate park where apparently the feel more comfortable. Though wearing pink velvet skating suits never looks cozy, this video is pretty rad.

8. Los Campesinos- My Year In Lists
Music videos don’t always have to cost a lot of money and be ‘super fancy’. Sometimes the best videos are the most simple ones that get you acquainted with the band’s music. Los Campesinos video for ‘My Year in Lists’ is just that. Closeups of the band and their instruments is beautiful on its own.

9. of Montreal- Id Engager
of Montreal does it again with another artsy inspired video. Having characters sync one into another is beyond perfect for the song. You actually have no idea what the characters will turn into until it happens. Its a beautifully crafted video.

10. Vampire Weekend- Oxford Comma
Vampire Weekend manages to make the video for ‘Oxford Comma’ look like a mini movie shoot. No matter where the scene in the video turns though, it doesn’t distract from the music. Also stay tuned for the right lower corner at 3:23 when some kid totally falls on his ass. Ouch!

Of Montreal “Id Engager” Video

With only less than a week until ‘Skeletal Lamping’ officially hits stores, Of Montreal has finally released the video for ‘Id Engager.’ I must admit the first few seconds of the video reminded me a bit of ‘Suffer for Fashion’, in terms of the ‘hands-on-crafting’ portion. The animation in ‘Id Engager’ is pretty witty. The characters blend into each other perfectly. Leave it to Of Montreal to give us another great video.

Watch ‘Id Engager’

Of Montreal * Roseland * October 10, 2008

Big Thanks to EduardoO on Flickr for use of his photos!

I’ve been to about 7 Of Montreal shows in my life, and still I’m never ready for what I am about to hear and see. I had the pleasure of meeting Matt from and we kind of pondered what exactly the band could do on stage last night. We knew Kevin would be hung in a noose, but the rest was sort of up in the air. Talking to Ahmed a couple of weeks ago, he promised me that we were all in for some big surprises on this tour. That exceeded my expectations.

Last night’s show at Roseland Ballroom in NYC can be described in only one word; EPIC.

The band came on stage dressed and ready to go. Jamey was in a cowboy outfit complete with hat, Dottie was in a tutu, Ahmed was in a blue vest and Afro wig, Davey was in a silver white jacket, and BP was wrapped in a giant orange silk scarf. Of Montreal came in with a brief musical introduction as four golden buddhas carried out Kevin who was wearing a Sombrero and traditional Mexican outfit. Of course this was the first of many costume changes. ‘Id Engager’ was the first song played, and WOW what a start to the show, that essential Kevin scream. Chills were just sent down my spine.

The band focused mostly on playing new tracks off of ‘Skeletal Lamping’ last night, and if I’m not mistaking, played most of the songs off the record. Seeing the new songs live bring a whole new aspect and life to them, which I really enjoyed. The dance party didn’t stop all night. ‘For Our Elegant Caste’ which has currently won me over the past couple of weeks as my new favorite song was so good live i’m not sure I can believe it actually happened. “An Eluardian Instance” which is another favorite of mine, lived up to my expectations of seeing it live. I think it is one of the most beautifully crafted Of Montreal songs. The band was extremely tight. I think they finally ‘mastered’ all parts of the stage. Ahmed Gallab who has joined as the second drummer is a nice addition. Not only does it free up Jamey to play other instruments but it adds a heavier beat overall to the songs. BP was rocking out with the double head guitar last night which was a nice touch. Kevin’s vocals were spot on every time, every little scream, every little note. Perfect.

One of the most wonderful moments of the night for me, was when Kevin sat at the piano alone and played ‘Touched Something’s Hollow.’ The sound of his haunting voice over the sorrowful piano made it feel like a dream. If you were paying close attention, you could see BP sitting on his platform, looking over at Kevin, silently mouthing the words. It was just an astonishing moment to say the least.

Of Montreal also pulled out some favorites from the last few records, ‘Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?’, ‘Sunlandic Twins’ and ‘Satanic Panic in the Attic.’ One of my personal highlights of the night was ‘Disconnect the Dots’. This still remains to be one of my favorite songs live. It brings the energy in the room up another notch if that is humanly possible. ‘She’s a Rejecter’ had so much enthusiam put into it, I thought the band would collectively pass out from exhaustion.

I feel I have to list the theatrics in it’s own section. They are two very different things and the combination of them onstage is rather interesting. Seeing Of Montreal is really like going to see a play….on another planet. Of course David (Kevin’s Brother) and Nina (Kevin’s Wife) were part of the actors on stage last night along with Matt Wheeler (The band’s tour manager) and I believe Nick (who does a lot of stage prop building for them.) There was also another woman on stage who must be new to the group and i’m going to go out on a limb and say its David’s wife. I could very well be wrong.  Kevin’s costumes ranged from glittery blue jackets with a large bedazzled fanny pack to golden underwear. During ‘Gallery Piece’ there was video of the band acting out lines from the song on the large screens. Truly hillarious.

Amongst the stage antics in New York was Kevin in a mythical man-horse suit, golden buddhas, ninjas, army people with machine guns, people in bathing suits, victorian costumes, a card game, people in in tiger and chicken costumes, large limbs made of what appears to be bumpy plaster (These later made up a person) and more.

During one point, the characters in silver masks tried to convince Kevin to kill himself. This lead to him being hung in a fake noose on stage, swinging side to side. Later on they smeared him in fake blood. During one point, Kevin came out on a white horse and sang. It was gorgeous. A really beautiful concert moment. So unexpected, so unbelievable. How do you even find a horse in Manhattan? I don’t think anyone saw that coming. I’m not sure everyone in the band even saw that coming. Kevin also came out of the his coffin of shaving cream last night towards the end and hugged the crowd afterward to get it off.

Another unexpected surprise last night was when they brought out Andrew from MGMT. We were certainly in for a treat,  but that took a hard left turn that none of us saw coming. Kevin said they were going to play a song that Andrew wrote. I thought to myself, ‘Wow! An MGMT song? I love MGMT!’ but then they launched into Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. The crowd transformed into 1992. Quite frankily I think Of Montreal made it sound better than Nirvana did.

The band ended the night with ‘Gronlandic Edit’ and all of the characters came out and bowed afterwards, ending another beautiful night with Of Montreal in New York. I love Of Montreal is so many ways. They know how to make you have a good time. They know how to get inside your head. They know how to make you smile. Everytime I see them I love them even more. I’m glad to have their music in my life. If it wasn’t, well, life just wouldn’t be any fun. 

Of Montreal Reveals ‘Skeletal Lamping’ Art in Full

Of Montreal has revealed in full the art that goes along with ‘Skeletal Lamping’. Seeing the artwork out in the open brings a whole new life to the concept of the record. David Barnes (Kevin’s Brother) and Nina Barnes (Kevin’s wife) have teamed up to give us a great deal of options on the Polyvinyl preorder. They have also started their own collective, Apollinaire Rave, which consists of David’s The Bee With Wheels, and Nina’s Gemintactics. Both of them make beautiful and interesting art that is very different in color pallete and form, but come together beatifully.

With “Skeletal Lamping” if  you choose to preorder the whole collection, you have the option of getting the CD package or Vinyl. I chose the CD but now i’m wondering why I didn’t choose the vinyl (Guess i’ll be making another order soon). The package comes with an Of Montreal lantern, 3 stickers, a set of 9 buttons, a tee shirt, tote bag, a card to download 3 song rarities, and giant Of Montreal wall decals. I think I am excited about that part the most. Nina and David’s art on my wall? Rad. In the case of the tees, totes, and decals, you get the choices of choosing between Geminitactics and The Bee with Wheels design. This is beyond a hard choice but you’ll have fun choosing.

Preorder “Skeletal Lamping” and all of its goodies over at Polyvinyl.
They also have 3 different colors of “Id Engager” on vinyl, as well as new Of Montreal posters. Even one designed as the shape of a horse. Sadly the posters aren’t in with the preorder.

Check out the preorder pictures below

Of Montreal “Skeletal Lamping”

Nice Lipstick Kevin

Nice Lipstick Kevin

Everytime I get even the slightest hint of a new Of Montreal album being released, I start to get overly excited. Of Montreal is by far the most interesting band of our time. Kevin Barnes is a creative genius and there isn’t really another way to phrase it. Everything is fair game and there are no limitations when it comes to making their records. Just when you think you know what direction the band is going in, they manage to change it up a bit.

“Skeletal Lamping”  is due to be released on Polyvinyl Records on October 21st. The original release date was pushed back from October 7th because there was a problem with the printers they were using for the artwork. In any case, diehard Of Montreal fans have already had “Skeletal Lamping” for weeks. Who can wait so long to hear pure genius? Not me thats for sure. So I want to give you a glimpse inside of the new Of Montreal record. It is like entering another world.

Nonpareil of Flavor opens “Skeletal Lamping”  with a burst of energy. The piano at the beginning makes you wonder exactly what you are in for, and then suddenly you know whats going on. Apparently this song was supposed to be the last song of the record but got moved up to first place. Its a great opening for the record and starts to set the mood for whats to come. The harmonies are also incredibly smooth.

Wicked Wisdom starts with a surprising Kevin Barnes potty mouth situation that continues into an Of Montreal dance party…and its only the beginning. With classic Barnes lyrics like “Why is it that white girls don’t have any ideas?” you’ll be intrigued throughout. Watch for the mood change around 3:46.

For Our Elegant Caste which was originally referred to as “We Can Do It Softcore” from last year’s tour has made it onto the record. I have a friend that thinks its hillarious that I like this song as much as I do. The addition of the bongos to this song is a nice surprise, and it adds to the song’s incredible beat. Some of the vocal harmonies remind me a bit of something you would hear on “Satanic Panic in the Attic”. This song also brings the first return on the record of Kevin’s alter ego, Georgie Fruit.

Touched Something’s Hollow slows the record down a notch. A beautiful song that consists only of Kevin’s voice and a piano. Its a sad love song if you will.

An Eluardian Instance jumps right back into things starting off with a horn section. I cannot wait to see this song live and it is currently my favorite track on the record. Once again they start off with great harmonies and take a few twists and turns. “Do you remember, our last summer as independents?” Kevin sings several times in the middle as the harmones start to pile in. The ending that starts at 4:00 is truly a surprise.

Gallery Piece is a fun little dance song. The guitar riff is pretty infectious and so is the overall melody of the track.

Women’s Studies Victims is a haunting song in every way. The little vocal effect on Kevin’s voice is a nice touch. This song is also another one that changes up towards the end. It seems to get a little more upbeat in tempo. Let the party continue.

St. Exquisite’s Confession is Of Montreal’s attempt at Soul music. It works, it does, but it takes a bit of getting used to. I wonder what this song will be like live. The piano and guitar in the song mixed with Kevin’s vocals are such a good combination. When the harmonies come in, it gets even better.

Triphallus, to Punctuate! is my second favorite song off of the album. The first line “She says we wear the party all over our bodies and faces” is only the start to this great track. When the chorus kicks in, so does the jaunty piano. Thats right, I said jaunty. There is no other way to describe it. “I supported you kid, when no one else did. You know I waved your flag, when no one else did” Kevin cries out. Is that Georgie talking to Kevin? Maybe.

And I’ve Seen a Blood Shadow isn’t as dance oriented as most of the other tracks. The piano is featured more and one again their classic harmonies kick in midway through the song. The song ends with a high pitched scream going into…..

Plastis Wafers, which starts as an undeniable dance song. Warning though, it is kind of long clocking in at over 7 minutes long. It does manage to be an extremely interesting tune, that has many changes within it. One more intriguing than the next, oddly, all fitting together just perfectly.

Death is Not a Parallel Move I couldn’t quite figure out the first time that I heard it. I’m still not 100% sure I get it at all still. The song basically starts with a beat with Kevin’s voice in a chamber sounding room. It goes into a song that was trying to be ‘dancable’, and then 50 seconds into it, it becomes a folk song. Acoustic guitars and everything. Its just another surprise on the record. A lovely surprise.

Beware our Nubile Miscreants is another one of my favorite songs on the record. Blending infectious harmonies and dance beats that will have you dancing in your seat. This is also one of my favorite lyrical stories on the record. You have to listen to it to find out. No spoilers!

Mingusings reminds me a bit of something sort of ’80s inspired’ at first. This is not a bad thing. I find this song to be very distracting actually. I just have to dance to it when I hear it. I’m actually doing that right now. I’m not kidding. I love the breakdown by 1:50 that slows everything down a little only to speed it up again.

Id Engager the first single off the record starts with a Kevin shriek if you will. Another one of my favorite songs on the record. I actually wish the song was further up on the album tracklisting. “When asking why our kisses are sorrowful, remember the howl of our first verse” sings Barnes right as the harmonies start to chime in again. The song makes the album go out making us dance….just like it came in.

If I gave ‘Album Ratings’, which I don’t like to do, “Skeletal Lamping” would get a 12 out of 10. Yes, I know thats not possible, but they get bonus points for being extraordinary. If you really liked “Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?” and “Sunlandic Twins,” you will adore “Skeletal Lamping”. Actually I think it is Of Montreal’s best record to date. You can quote me on that.

Of Montreal is going on an extensive tour starting the beginning of October with an October 10th show in NYC (Yay!). Check out the following links below to get your Of Montreal fix.

Of Montreal on Myspace
Official Website
Preorder “Skeletal Lamping” at Polyvinyl Records

Download the first single Id Engager