Of Montreal Reveals ‘Skeletal Lamping’ Art in Full

Of Montreal has revealed in full the art that goes along with ‘Skeletal Lamping’. Seeing the artwork out in the open brings a whole new life to the concept of the record. David Barnes (Kevin’s Brother) and Nina Barnes (Kevin’s wife) have teamed up to give us a great deal of options on the Polyvinyl preorder. They have also started their own collective, Apollinaire Rave, which consists of David’s The Bee With Wheels, and Nina’s Gemintactics. Both of them make beautiful and interesting art that is very different in color pallete and form, but come together beatifully.

With “Skeletal Lamping” if  you choose to preorder the whole collection, you have the option of getting the CD package or Vinyl. I chose the CD but now i’m wondering why I didn’t choose the vinyl (Guess i’ll be making another order soon). The package comes with an Of Montreal lantern, 3 stickers, a set of 9 buttons, a tee shirt, tote bag, a card to download 3 song rarities, and giant Of Montreal wall decals. I think I am excited about that part the most. Nina and David’s art on my wall? Rad. In the case of the tees, totes, and decals, you get the choices of choosing between Geminitactics and The Bee with Wheels design. This is beyond a hard choice but you’ll have fun choosing.

Preorder “Skeletal Lamping” and all of its goodies over at Polyvinyl.
They also have 3 different colors of “Id Engager” on vinyl, as well as new Of Montreal posters. Even one designed as the shape of a horse. Sadly the posters aren’t in with the preorder.

Check out the preorder pictures below