Emmaline Muchmore Shares a “Solid” New Single


Emmaline Muchmore brings her brilliant new single, “Solid,” to the table. An absolute delight for your ears, Muchmore is a rising Electro-Soul singer, that after a small hiatus, is ready to release her new EP in early 2017.

“Solid,” is the first single from the upcoming album, which is filled with noteworthy sounds which range from soulful, sultry, empowering and strong,with a dash of hypnotic beats.

Accompanied by Muchmore’s alluring vocals, she shows off her strong set of skills as a triple threat; a performer, songwriter, and musician. Her strong and independent side shines through, as her performance throughout the track is solid and enticing, as it showcases her epic grace and style. We’re excited to hear more of what Emmaline Muchmore has to offer in the New Year!

Emmaline Muchmore “Solid”

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