piKzil Shares Stunning New Record

piKziL press photo 4to3 Ratio.jpg

piKziL springs to life with their album debut, Songs From My 3rd Life, an eclectic and charming record for the masses. Spearheaded by musicians Liza Oxnard and Kip Kuepper, the duo brings a stunning record to the table which is a delight within every listen. Their fresh approach to combining the genres of Jazz, Downtempo and elements of Electro Pop, put the group on the map, proving they are remarkable from the start.

The first single the band has shared from the record is the touching “Brand New Soul,” which touches upon a personal subject for Oxnard. Her knack for writing heartfelt lyrics showcases her talents as a musician and songwriter. With a story that hits close to home for many, she pours out her heart and soul into the piece.

Throughout the record we see piKziL take their ambitions to a whole new level. Whether it is the soft and heavenly, “A Woman Understands,” or the dance-worthy “RangoTango” which captures the spirit of the album, we see a group that is truly coming into their own with their noteworthy, debut release. Oxnard’s voice is prominent within the record, yet each note is also delicately placed.

Everything and anything is fair game as the combination of Oxnard and Kuepper is a musical delight, that will have you coming back for more.

Songs From My 3rd Life is out September 14th via Bonestown Music.

Facebook – Facebook.com/pikzilmusic

Twitter – Twitter.com/pikzilmusic

Instagram – www.instagram.com/piKziL

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