Are You Ready for SakkieFTW ?


SakkieFTW is a prominent new artist that hails from Vancouver, Canada. Forging ahead in the genre of EDM-infused Dub Step, SakkieFTW shares an impressive EP, Experiment 1.3.2, which will appeal to the ears of many listeners.
You do not have to be a hardcore EDM fan to enjoy the musical stylings of SakkieFTW. His sound throughout the EP is accessible, and will peak the ears of many…trust me on this one.

Similar to artists such as Skrillex and Excision, SakkieFTW puts a unique twist on a genre that never sleeps. Releasing the EP the tail end of last year, things have been on the rise for the much buzzed about artist. Currently sharing two glorious music videos for the tracks, “Spiral (feat. Kaeli McArter),” and the title piece “Experiment 1.3.2″,” we experience a whole new side of the phenomenal act.
SakkieFTW’s sound is enticing, and within every listen of the EP, it will draw you in even more so. The EP gloriously showcases SakkieFTW as an artist, and songwriter, proving he has staying power in the music world

Watch:  “Spiral (feat. Kaeli McArter)” here:

Watch: “Experiment 1.3.2”

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