Alexandra Gets”Criminal”

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Alexandra is a buzzworthy musical force that will be your favorite artist by the time 2016 comes to a close. Unleashing the new single and video for “Criminal,” Alexandra shares an infectious blend of Pop Rock, as her sound recalls dashes of modern day Pop stars, Rihanna and Sia.
Hailing from NSW Australia, Alexandra immersed herself with music early in her life, which led her to having an array of influences take over her musical fusion. Up against the odds from the very beginning, Alexandra is proving a slew of people wrong with her glorious, buzzworthy music that has steadily placed her on the map.
“Criminal,” is the first step in an impressive direction. The melodic piece brings elements of Rock n’ Roll and Electro, that is deeply brought to life by Alexandra’s voice.

If this is the first glimpse into her world, I can’t wait to her what else she has coming down the line.

“Criminal”via Soundcloud:

“Criminal” Music Video:


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