Sir Cadian Rhythm Shares Enticing New Video


Sir Cadian Rhythm is a noteworthy band that springs to life from Long Island, New York. The Alternative group that shares Rock Fusions sensibilities, bring to the table a phenomenal new single and video for your summer, “Gwen Barkley in the 20th Century.”

Garnering accolades from fans and critics alike, and playing sold out crowds and music festivals, the band is really making a name for themselves in the Alt-Rock scene. Reminiscent of artists that span from Maroon 5 to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sir Cadian Rhythm carves out their own notch in music history, one song at a time.

The group brings a varied sound to the table with musical backgrounds ranging from Jazz to Funk to Metal to Classical to Pop. Going above and beyond the call of musical duty, they take center stage with a unique and progressive sound that shows the true musicianship of the band. Their eclectic sound is a driving and prominent force within “Gwen Barkley in the 20th Century,” which sets the tone for the band and what is to come in their future.

Sir Cadian Rhythm is Jack Weppler (Vocals), Alex Laudani (Guitar), Richie Cluxton (Bass), Micah Cowher (Drums), and Matt Carlin (Keyboards, Horn, Vocals). Their newest release, Identity Crisis, is out now.

Watch the video for “Gwen Barkley in the 20th Century” here:



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