Getting Electric with Port of Est.


PORT OF Est. is a group that are creating their own waves in the music world. Releasing their captivating debut, Onyx Moon this Spring via their own label, Delphinium Music, the duo goes above and beyond with their intriguing new video for “Valentine In My Headphones,” the group brings an electro-pop-indie sound that will have you on the dance floor in no time.

PORT OF Est. is the creative forces of producer Todd Kitchens, and vocalist Hannah Tarkinson. Together they create an unstoppable sound that shares influences of IDM, drum and bass, shoegaze, hop hop, electro-pop, indie rock and ambient to name a few. Something to satisfy all musical palettes.

The colorful new video is gorgeous from start to finish as it features animation from animation students at College of the Atlantic, in Bar Harbor, Maine.  The video was spearheaded by artist Nancy Andrews who help direct and bring the video to life.The stunning piece shows the very essence of PORT OF Est. and helps to cultivate the sound and mystery behind the band. Their new album, Onyx Moon furthers the experience as it proves to be an instant delight to your ears. 9-tracks fill the record with indie pop goodness, that shares an electrifying experience throughout.

PORT OF Est. is about to take over the world, one song at a time. Onyx Moon is a must have record for your Summer, and for your life.

Watch PORT OF  Est. “Valentine in My Headphones,” here:



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