Guy Grogan’s “Dynamite” New Record


Guy Grogan is not your average Singer-Songwriter. Hailing from Santa Fe, New Mexico Grogan shares an impressive set of songs on his ninth album release to date. Garnering an array of accolades throughout the years, Grogan is a one-man band who not only self-releases, but self-produces as well.  Recalling influences ranging from Elliot Smith to Dinosaur Jr., he impresses within every song on his newest release, Dynamite Bouquet.

Released earlier this year, the record is filled to the brim with dashes of Pop sensibility. The tracks on the album range from Metal to Jazz, creating a special element of expression.

Standout tracks include the heavy-hitting and angsty “Metafixation,” to chilled out songs such as “Moonbird.” More personal and ballad like pieces such as “What If I Told You,” are just as prominent in Grogan’s musical musings, proving that he can perform any genre without flaw.

Streaming Here:

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