Blandlord is a Wild Ride with “Hyperdrunk”

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 11.47.56 AM

A lot of Blandlord’s material is a commentary on the state of affairs we are living in, a tongue-in-cheek view of what’s going around us. Rather than provide people solutions or answers to the problems faced in these modern times the band prefers to provide a soundtrack or a chance to think on those dilemmas. Blandlord’s new song, “Hyperdrunk,” is a reverb-heavy stoner rock track about control and excess and how easy it is to get caught in a loop.

“Hyperdrunk” is a solid performance from the band who are currently bringing one of the most infectious and unique sounds to the table. Our ears wide open for their epic blend of Rock n’ Roll.  Rumor is the group is cooking up more musical surprises this year, and we’re ready! :


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