The Mandevilles Go Hard with New Track

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It’s been five years since the release of The Mandevilles’ last record, Windows and Stones. As a songwriter, you’re proud of every record, but this time they feel the most like themselves. The lead single, “Junkie,” from the band’s upcoming album is steeped in blues, but still rock ‘n’ roll with slicing guitar.

The band cultivated such an amazing working and personal friendship with Neil Morrissey, and his former bandmate Ryan Defoe over the last two years. The writing, recording, and production process has never felt so natural to them. Neil and Ryan’s style of writing and arrangement was very similar to the current line up, so it was an instant connection.

After a few months, they had accumulated a growing list of songs that they had written with the guys. Neil offered his home studio to record the demos and really get what was on paper out loud. The demos became complete recordings. Typically, demos are rough and quick and without any frills. But, they found ourselves becoming more creative and adding the frills that needed to be added, and before they knew it… they weren’t just demos anymore. We’re excited to hear more from The Mandevilles who have more surprises up their sleeve for this year!

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Silvertone Hills Gets a “Reaction” with New Single

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Silvertone Hills are an indie-rock group from Hamilton, Ontario. Their sound is one influenced by pop-rock greats of the late 60’s, while turning up the aggression and sonic textures alike modern indie and alternative giants. Their new single “Reaction” fuses a memorable melody with jangling guitars and energetic grooves.


To date, the band has released two EPs, Follow Suit (2018) and Running in Circles (2019). Show dates have included notable GTA venues such as The Horseshoe, Mills Hardware, Lee’s Palace, Art Crawl and Warehouse, as well as stops in Montreal and Kingston. Their newest single “Reaction,” recorded with producer Ross Citrullo (The Sheepdogs) at RHC Music, Toronto, is out now. Silvertone Hills are eager to hit the road in 2020, showcasing their music across major Canadian markets from Spring to Fall. With the planned release of their punchiest music to date and touring an energetic live show, the band is gearing up for a prosperous year. We’re ready for more!
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Borza Gets Bold with New Video “Guérir Les Hommes”

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Borza’s main interest & goal with music is to connect with the listener like a friend.
A lot of his songs are about enlightenments he’s had that’s helped him with different situations in life, and he likes to share these moments with the listener, just like he does with his friends & family. His new single and video for “Guérir Les Hommes” is a lovely and refreshing piece that will stand the test of time.


He has helped on releasing many new artists from the music scene in Montreal, Canada throughout the years by either producing, engineering, playing or writing with them, as well as world reknown established artists. He has eternal love for music projects that have a conscious message to send out in the world for encouragement and inspiration to others. Borza believes that music can help to heal people in different ways. However came the moment where he noticed his musical endeavours did not feel complete if he himself didn’t complete and share his own music as well amongst his fellow artist friends and partners.

Borza released a first alternative/folk EP called “playing with time” in December 2016, on October 25th 2019 he released his full length record “Cocoon” that has essences of alternative pop, folk & reggae, that was produced by his dear friend Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop,Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois), and on April 2nd 2020 he released the video of his latest single “Guérir les hommes” directed by Charlotte G Ghomeshi.

The Brilliance Unveil “Telephone”

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The Brilliance regularly tour the U.S. and have performed at the MET’s Charity Water Gala, global festivals in New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Israel, and Palestine. Childhood friends in Wisconsin, Gungor and Arndt create at a distance – between Minneapolis and New York – and their albums regularly feature guest cellists, singers, rappers and full orchestras. With diverse sound and stylistic influences, the word ‘Suite’ denotes the classical level of scale and intention. This week the group released their new song “Telephone,” which is a perfectly crafted song from start to finish.

The Brilliance give some insight regarding their latest single release:
“Telephone is a song about the universal nature of loss. While the world is turned upside down by a force we don’t totally understand, we find ourselves reminded, more than ever, that we are one big family. More deeply connected than we ever imagined. We dream, we run, we fight, we fall. In this time marked by fear and isolation, may we learn to see ourselves in each other. ”

The Brilliance is going strong and ready to bring us more music in 2020. “Telephone,” is out now, and our ears are pleased and eager for more…

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Cathy Maguire Takes Us to “Ireland”

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Cathy Maguire is an artist on the rise for 2020. The noteworthy songstress has been making big waves the past couple of years, and her latest release comes in the form of “Ireland.” The song also features musician Steve Earle. The beautifully crafted song brings her vision to life, as the video accompaniment for the piece also takes us into the homeland of Ireland itself with lovely footage. Cathy’s voice is strong and prominent as it takes us on a musical journey, with Maguire as the storyteller. With influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Dolly Parton to Patsy Cline, the sound that Cathy creates is truly and uniquely her own. The visionary piece will draw you in from start to finish, as you discover your new favorite artist.


Give a listen and view to Cathy’s new single “Ireland,” here:

Corbin Randall Sails Away with New Single

Corbin Randall Music 2020

Corbin Randall creates music that seeks to be as genuine and as multi-dimensional as life itself. His sound is inspired by the 60s but with a modern twist; intertwined with complex musical arrangements, yet with a familiar pop influence; reflecting on heavy introspective topics, but through an optimistic lens. Since nothing in life is ever as simple as one emotion or one theme – music should reflect that reality. His new single “In My Sails,” is out today via all digital outlets, and it is a delightful listen from start to finish.

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Seeing musicianship in his family from his great-grandparents, to grandparents, and his parents as well, has influenced him to approach music with a deep reverence and purpose. Making music feels like the purest reflection of his soul. When he’s creating, he feels like he’s finally grasping that deep beautiful mystery of music that he dreamed of for all those years when he was younger. The sounds that were such a fountain of joy and wonder, are now something he’s a part of, rather than just experiencing.

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