Corbin Randall Sails Away with New Single

Corbin Randall Music 2020

Corbin Randall creates music that seeks to be as genuine and as multi-dimensional as life itself. His sound is inspired by the 60s but with a modern twist; intertwined with complex musical arrangements, yet with a familiar pop influence; reflecting on heavy introspective topics, but through an optimistic lens. Since nothing in life is ever as simple as one emotion or one theme – music should reflect that reality. His new single “In My Sails,” is out today via all digital outlets, and it is a delightful listen from start to finish.

Listen via Spotify: 

Seeing musicianship in his family from his great-grandparents, to grandparents, and his parents as well, has influenced him to approach music with a deep reverence and purpose. Making music feels like the purest reflection of his soul. When he’s creating, he feels like he’s finally grasping that deep beautiful mystery of music that he dreamed of for all those years when he was younger. The sounds that were such a fountain of joy and wonder, are now something he’s a part of, rather than just experiencing.

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