The Brilliance Unveil “Telephone”

Brilliance Artist Photo Wide

The Brilliance regularly tour the U.S. and have performed at the MET’s Charity Water Gala, global festivals in New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Israel, and Palestine. Childhood friends in Wisconsin, Gungor and Arndt create at a distance – between Minneapolis and New York – and their albums regularly feature guest cellists, singers, rappers and full orchestras. With diverse sound and stylistic influences, the word ‘Suite’ denotes the classical level of scale and intention. This week the group released their new song “Telephone,” which is a perfectly crafted song from start to finish.

The Brilliance give some insight regarding their latest single release:
“Telephone is a song about the universal nature of loss. While the world is turned upside down by a force we don’t totally understand, we find ourselves reminded, more than ever, that we are one big family. More deeply connected than we ever imagined. We dream, we run, we fight, we fall. In this time marked by fear and isolation, may we learn to see ourselves in each other. ”

The Brilliance is going strong and ready to bring us more music in 2020. “Telephone,” is out now, and our ears are pleased and eager for more…

Dive in here:





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