Purple Tone Flower Releases “I Wanna Make It”


For all of our John Mayer guitar solo lovers out there… we’ve got some exciting news to share. A new artist has come to our attention, blasting out of his own presumed genre box, shattering the wall between jazz and rock and roll.

Mauricio Flores, also known as Purple Tone Flower, is about to become your new obsession. An extremely talented guitarist himself, Mauricio brings us smooth yet strong electric guitar melodies on his latest release “I wanna make it.”


This track is the type of versatile record that you can add to your next roadtrip playlist, but also play while you drink your glass of wine on the porch as you wine down from a long day.


It’s hard to choose a favorite part of the track, but we’ve settled on the incredibly controlled and haunting way PTF merges his sultry vocals with the main electric guitar melody.


This artist has major skills on the guitar and on the mic, and we cannot wait to hear more from this artist.


Connect with Purple Tone Flower:






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