Maxine Linehan Shares “Moonlight in Vermont”

Ever since its first introduction in 1944 by Margaret Whiting, “Moonlight in Vermont” has repeatedly been covered, performed, and reimagined by a plethora of artists. Needless to say, it is a daunting task for any artist to cover it with a new angle, sonical direction, or atmosphere while respecting the original version. Singer-songwriter and actress Maxine Linehan’s version of this timeless classic is an ethereal, touchy presentation of the original.

Thematically, this cover number is a perfect fit for her recently released opus, This Time Of Year. As Maxine recalls her glorious Christmas days of Childhood throughout the album, a song reminiscing the nostalgic snowy days in Vermont is indeed a fantastic addition to her record. And the snow and wintertime themed lyric of “Moonlight in Vermont” usually evokes a feeling of Xmas, a yearning to embrace holidays.

While delivering inventiveness and a new soul with the arrangement and modern production, Maxine still upholds the heart-stirring jazzy vibe of the original version. This cover serves as a perfect vehicle to demonstrate her versatile, show-stopping vocals and crafty musicianship in general. If you decided to sleep on the album, This Time of Year, this cover of “Moonlight in Vermont” should persuade you to reconsider your decision.

Annie Stokes Rises High with “Real Good”

Hailing from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, Annie Stokes grew up on poetry, folk, and musical theater. After adding guitar to the mix at age 20, everything clicked — and Stokes has been playing her unique blend of Americana across the East Coast ever since. 

Annie’s latest release, “Real Good”, is a self described “anthem for folks who are trying their best.” She wrote this track to make light of falling short of who she wants to be, to push forward, and keep trying to change. 

“Real Good” feels soft and airy, a gentle push to do better. Lilting vocals meld perfectly together with her combination of folky acoustic guitar strums and winding electric guitar. Harmonies weave in and out of the chorus, brightening the track and leaving the listener feeling just a bit lighter. 

Gustav Hoyer Revals “Adventure at Sea”

Gustav Hoyer, is a modern classical composer, pianist and producer who has made it his mission to change the misconception that classical music is for a niche audience. In fact, he will argue that it is for everyone, if the genre was just given the chance. Gustav has been known for creating movie-esque music that brings you into a particular scene where emotions are running high.

Hoyer has just recently released his latest single, “Adventure at Sea” which is a storm of a track in itself. This record is a cinematic masterpiece, showcasing Gustav’s ability to modernize classical music with his technological expertise and background. “Adventure at Sea” brings listeners back more than 200 years, into the 19th story at sea.

What we love the most about Gustav, is that he has turned his love of the classical genre into an education system, and through his podcasts and his social media posts, Hoyer has become a pioneer in the classical world, changing people’s misconceptions about the genre in all communities.

So, if you have always wanted to listen to classical music but were afraid you wouldn’t “get it,” or you want to hear about Gustav’s moment of understanding the genre, we encourage you to check out Gustav’s latest single, and maybe listen to a podcast or two!


Following a steady stream of 2020 releases from the multi-platinum genre blending music trio Cheat Codes, today they have released “No Chill” ft. rising rapper and TikTok sensation Lil XXEL (2.5M followers). Their newest track of similar brilliance, “No Chill” is the fifth single off of Hellraisers Pt. 1, the first part of the group’s upcoming three-part debut album. Embodying their upbeat, contemporary pop flow, the track is layered with a touch of trap and a guitar riff that plays perfectly into the catchy vocals from rising hip-hop artist Lil XXEL. Reminding listeners of the chase for excitement, Cheat Codes says of their newest single “This song is about a relationship that is just too much to handle, high maintenance if you will…the kind of relationship that makes you question if it’s worth it or not.” The track is a must listen for electro-pop fans who love a high beat production with fun vocals, and the accompanying music video has Cheat Codes, Lil XXEL and those watching in for quite a surprise ending. Listen to the latest collaboration to be released from Hellraisers pt. 1 here

“Washed Up”, “Stay” with Bryce Vine, “Between Our Hearts” ft. CXLOE, and most recently, “Do It All Over” ft. Marc E. Bassy, have already made waves and built momentum for Cheat Codes as they embark on what is slated to be their biggest year yet fueled by their debut multi-part album release. With three legs leading into the album, each ‘part’ will personify the individual members of the trio and give you a deeper look at each group member. The Los Angeles-based group consisting of KEVI, Trevor Dahl, and Matt Russell have skyrocketed to fame since they first came together in 2014. Over the course of the last six years, they’ve amassed over 4 billion total streams, with 12 million listeners tuning in each month to their music via Spotify. Pivotal points in their career include collaborations with artists such as Liam Payne, Fetty Wap, Demi Lovato, Little Mix, Kim Petras, Wiz Khalifa, and Sofía Reyes and more.

Simultaneously trafficking in electronic, pop, hip-hop, and alternative at the same high speed, the Los Angeles trio Cheat Codes remains an inescapable force throughout popular culture. Their total stream tally eclipses a staggering 6 billion plays. Maintaining a prolific pace, they’ve steadily amassed a diverse discography, including the platinum Pop Radio Top 5 smash “No Promises” [feat. Demi Lovato], the gold-certified “Feels Great” [feat. Fetty Wap &CVBZ], and gold-selling breakout “SEX” with Kriss Kross Amsterdam. Speaking to their international impact, “Only You” [feat. Little Mix] soared to #1 on Pop Radio in the UK, while they received dozens of platinum certifications in 20 countries. Not to mention, Liam Payne, Kim Petras, Wiz Khalifa, and Sofía Reyes all jumped at the chance to collaborate, and they did remixes for Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. Igniting clubs worldwide, their 2019 level 2 EP yielded the #1 Dance Radio hit “Who’s Got Your Love” [feat. Daniel Blume] in addition to “Ferrari” [feat. Afrojack] and “Be The One” [feat. Kaskade]. Cheat Codes recently made their acting debut with the Bella Thorne directed short film, music video for “No Service In The Hills” featuring Trippie Redd, blackbear and PRINCE$$ ROSIE. Next up, the group is working on their debut album and releasing a new track every month leading up to it. Acclaimed by Rolling Stone, Paper, Time, Billboard, and more, the musicians have shut down The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! with stunning and show-stopping performances.

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Nathanael Philip Mosher Delivers the Bold “I Wanna Write a Love Song”

Nathanael Philip Mosher has captivated audiences for years as a comedian, poet, and storyteller, and is now stepping onto the stage as a singer-songwriter with his debut single, “I Wanna Write a Love Song”. Though he is a man of many talents, Mosher has a remarkable way with words. His ability to weave wrought feeling with the innate beauty of love lost spins life into his emotional style of folk. 

“I Wanna Write a Love Song” is filled to the brim with heartbreak, yet the song builds so gently, so lovingly, that it leaves the listener feeling a sweet sort of melancholy. Mosher’s voice is raspy, thick with a powerful sort of longing. As the rich sounds of a grand piano and the gentle accompaniment of an acoustic guitar build, the track swells to a beautiful height while Mosher cries out “I wanna write a love song, but I’ve got no love to give.” 

The single is the first release of his upcoming EP “NATHANAEL,” out this spring. With such a powerful first release, we are excited to see the rest of what Nathanael Mosher’s original work will have to offer.  

Lynne Revo-Cohen Reveals “We’re On Fire in Georgia”

Lynne Revo-Cohen of I Will Productions has released an inspirational song and video to GOTV for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate Runoff race.  “We’re On Fire In Georgia”, with itsdriving beat, hard-hitting message, and provocative singers, Cecily Bumbray, Jacie Lee Almira, and JChris, delivers a powerful message to people in Georgia who want to preserve our Democracy – Vote with Passion Georgia Jan 5th!  

There are verses for women’s rights, gun safety for students, and for Dreamers with a message that the civil rights we have fought so hard to protect will not survive if Mitch McConnell stays in power in the Senate.  So every Georgian needs to vote for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to give President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect Harris the power to preserve our rights and move us forward. 

Lynne Revo-Cohen, songwriter and music video producer, has written progressive message songs for both Clinton campaigns, the Obama campaign, UN Women, the Women’s March of 2017, and songs to reflect her work to support Diversity/Equity/Inclusion and Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Pay Equity, LGBTQIA+, Vets with PTSD, and a tribute to medical essential workers in the Pandemic.