Royal Baths Drown Bowery Ballroom

Opening up for a sold out show with eruptive headliners  like the Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles sets out towering expectations on a Friday night at Bowery Ballroom. One of the opening acts, a recently migrated San Francisco quartet Royal Baths hyped the energy with their multi-layered screeching guitar rips and liquidating phased vocals, building a brooding wave of ear-candy distortion. A brainchild of shoe-gazing  low-pitched drum progressions and scorching melodic ranges, Royal Baths are a change of taste in the New York horizon.


Viktorsha Uliyanova


PICTURES: Sloan @ the Bowery Ballroom, June 29th, 2011

Our favorite indie rockers, Sloan, did double duty in New York a few week ago and we were there to catch all of the action at their Bowery Ballroom show. Check out the photos below and stay tuned for an exclusive Modern Mystery interview with Jay Ferguson!


Sam Roberts Band – “Collider”

Brace yourself, this is the start of a new brand of music; this is groundbreaking. That was sarcasm. Collider sounds just like original Sam Roberts material, so Sam Roberts fans rest at ease. With the growing recognition of Sam Roberts work, it is a smart idea that Sam Roberts Band did not stem too far from normality. Fortunately, to avoid being banal, there are new worldly sounds on this album that will give a new texture to the music you have come accustomed to.

“The Last Crusade” is a funky bass-driven groove with fun intentions. Unintentionally or intentionally inspired by afro-beat, “The Last Crusade” is an ethnic rumpus that skillfully avoids being corny. Imagine this: you are bobbing your head to a firm beat when all of a sudden the Star Wars Cantina Band comes in with blistering horns. I kid you not, the horns mimic the jam band from Tatooine. Oddly enough, it fits. The song is a funky, fun, and cool little hymn. “The Last Crusade” has the Sam Roberts feel but the newly added funk gives it a little flare.

Sam Roberts knows how to make rock songs. Each song has something distinctive that makes you crave for a relisten. The soothing progression of “No Arrows”, the vocal harmonies on “Longitude”, and the dancey chorus of “Sang Froid” all make the album frequently worth an entire run-through. Not one song is bad which makes it an easy choice for a great unabridged listen. Even the single, “I Feel You”, which sometimes is a band’s weakest tune, has an explosive chorus and true passion. The tone is beyond powerful.

Collider is not going to blow you away with something you have never heard before. It is the same old style but that is good. Why change the style of an artist that is just now rightfully getting recognized? This album will leave a smile on your face, even if it is only for a short period. It is not a rehash, it is simply a Sam Roberts redux or now the newly formed Sam Roberts Band.

Tom Vek Premieres New Video

As June 7th approaches and the moment when Tom Vek’s new album Leisure Seizure is available digitally gets closer, we get a second preview of this very promising album. The song is called “World of Doubt,” and the video features two ladies dancing in front of very loud speakers and television sets. Don’t expect rap video dancing on here; what they do goes barely beyond head-bobbing and a little leg-shaking to the beat. But they’re in the zone even as their hair gets blown in their face by the sound waves because of the song’s hard-hitting beats and ominous riffs.

As the video’s first image states, this song has the best effect if watched with headphones on. Although if you have access to the same kind of amplifier set-up that the girls have in the video, I’m sure that’s equally efficient.

Watch the video for “World of Doubt” below:







The Drums Announce Exciting Tour Schedule

The Drums are taking over this summer’s music festivals! From Lollapalooza Chile to the Groove In the Moo Festival in Australia, Coachella and Bonnaroo in the US, they will be everywhere. So check the schedule below to see when you can catch them, or even plan out a nice vacation around the dates they have planned in fancy places like London or Singapore!

Here are their upcoming tour dates:

3/25: New York, NY @ Tribeca Grand w/Big Trouble & DJ Patrik Cleandenim
3/31: Sao Paulo, Brazil @ Estúdio Emme
4/3: Santiago Chile @ Lollapalooza
4/7: New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge w/ iO Echo SOLD OUT!
4/11: Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory w/Matthew Dear
4/15: Indio, CA @ Coachella
4/28: Richmond, VIC, Australia @ The Corner Hotel
4/29: Richmond, VIC, Australia @ The Corner Hotel
5/1: Townsville, QLD @ GROOVE IN THE MOO FEST
5/4: Brisbane, QLD @ The High Fi
5/9: Sydney, NSW, Australia @ The Metro
5/10: Adelaide, Australia @ Uni Bar
5/12: Perth, WA, Australia @ Astor Theatre
5/14: Bunbury, WA, Australia @ (GROOVE IN THE MOO FEST)
5/16: Singapore, SG @ TAB
5/18: Tokyo, Japan @ Club Quattro
5/19: Tokyo, Japan @ Duo
5/20: Nagoya, Japan @ Club Quattro
5/21: Osaka, Japan @ Club Quattro
5/24: Bangkok, TH @ Ratchaprasong Urban Space
5/25: Jakarta, Indonesia @ Blowfish Club
5/26: Hong Kong, China @ KITEC
5/29: George, WA @ Sasquatch Festival
6/9: Nashville, TN @ Bonnaroo Festival
7/16: London, UK @ LOVEBOX

Fans Riot for The Strokes at SXSW

What happens when you tell all of SXSW in Austin that The Strokes are playing a free show? Well 30,000 people show up and riot and break down the gates when you don’t let them in. It was a peaceful riot where no one seemed to get hurt. Hell, they just wanted to see The Strokes. When did this happen? Strokes riots? Selling out Madison Square Garden’s 20,000 seats? Congratulations fellas, you are bigger than The Beatles. We are loving it.