Tom Vek Premieres New Video

As June 7th approaches and the moment when Tom Vek’s new album Leisure Seizure is available digitally gets closer, we get a second preview of this very promising album. The song is called “World of Doubt,” and the video features two ladies dancing in front of very loud speakers and television sets. Don’t expect rap video dancing on here; what they do goes barely beyond head-bobbing and a little leg-shaking to the beat. But they’re in the zone even as their hair gets blown in their face by the sound waves because of the song’s hard-hitting beats and ominous riffs.

As the video’s first image states, this song has the best effect if watched with headphones on. Although if you have access to the same kind of amplifier set-up that the girls have in the video, I’m sure that’s equally efficient.

Watch the video for “World of Doubt” below:







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