Fans Riot for The Strokes at SXSW

What happens when you tell all of SXSW in Austin that The Strokes are playing a free show? Well 30,000 people show up and riot and break down the gates when you don’t let them in. It was a peaceful riot where no one seemed to get hurt. Hell, they just wanted to see The Strokes. When did this happen? Strokes riots? Selling out Madison Square Garden’s 20,000 seats? Congratulations fellas, you are bigger than The Beatles. We are loving it.

James McCartney Is Ready To Rock

James McCartney’s father is one of the most influential figures in rock and roll, so it’s no surprise that he is trying his hand at the genre that his father affected so heavily.

What is surprising is that his debut effort is so darn…good. Taking inspiration from the Beatles (duh), Nirvana, and Radiohead, James has released a 5-song EP (Available Light) that blends his velvet pipes with electric guitars, mandolins, piano and bass. All of which he recorded himself. Holy crap.

James explains that “it is basically rock n’ roll, clean sounding and vocal.” The songs were written over a 10-year span, which makes sense considering he had to learn every instrument ever made.

You can find Available Light on Enigma Records in stores (or browsers) now. Feel free to check out the song “Angel” right here first.

James McCartney – “Angel” by wiredset