PICTURES: Sloan @ the Bowery Ballroom, June 29th, 2011

Our favorite indie rockers, Sloan, did double duty in New York a few week ago and we were there to catch all of the action at their Bowery Ballroom show. Check out the photos below and stay tuned for an exclusive Modern Mystery interview with Jay Ferguson!


Sloan @ The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY-December 4, 2009


The trip to the Bell House in Brooklyn is cold on a December night but the chance of seeing the legendary indie pop band Sloan is well worth getting your mittens out for. There’s something magical in the air when Sloan comes to town, almost like Santa Clause (Tis the season, right?). Fans expect nothing less than an amazing show and the band always delivers. At the venue early to interview the band, I had the pleasure of watching their soundcheck which was a Sloan fan dream come true. Even when they’re playing to a crowd of five it’s like they’re playing for a room of 500.

Openers Magenta Lane took the stage at 9pm and managed to get the crowd pumped up. Three females who know how to own the stage and their instruments is the best way to describe the band that have such a raw energy. With a bit of pop rock edge mixed with a little garage influence the Canadian trio knew how to work the crowd. Singer Lexi Valentine’s voice is incredible and heartfelt as she plays her guitar through a sea of hair. Though quite enjoyable the band wasn’t even off the stage yet before the crowd started in with the classic Sloan chant .””Sllllllooooooannnnn

Finally Sloan took the stage at a quarter after 10 to a packed venue. Opening with a new song off their Hit and RunEP (Murderecords) ”Take it Upon Yourself,” it was a great choice to start the set with. One thing that was great about this show was that the band brought out a lot of old, missing tunes that we haven’t heard on stage in a while. Only supporting the five song ep at this time it left everything to fair game, which leads me to the next tune. Sloan brought out “At the Edge of the Scene,” one of my personal favorites that dates back 10 years. Never thinking I’d hear this song live, I was amazed with how great this song was onstage. The back and fourth vocals of Chris Murphy and Jay Ferguson were pulled off flawlessly making it everything I hoped it would be. Throughout the night as the band switched instruments and lead vocals, it was one surprise after another. Murphy took over with such tunes as the always crowd pleasing “Money City Maniacs,” and “Keep on Thinkin’.” Patrick ‘the hit maker’ Pentland brought out some oldies but goodies as well ranging from “Friendship” to “Everything You’ve Done Wrong” as Jay Ferguson brought out “Don’t You Believe a Word” and “Witches Wand.” Andrew Scott came out from behind the drums for an extended period of time which is always nice to see. Playing such old favorites as “The N.S.” and “The Great Wall,” he nailed every bit of it.

The energy of the band always manages to match the enthusiasm of the crowd. Another great thing about Sloan is they may not be the early 20 somethings they were 18 years ago, but they still put on an amazing live performance that cannot be reckoned with. After playing the always wonderful sing-a-long “Who Taught You To Live Like That,” the band headed off stage and the “Sllllllooooooannnnn,” chants began immediatly. Not letting the fans wait to long, after a couple of minutes the band returned promptly and surprised us all by kicking in with “The Other Man,” a rather slow Murphy tune to start off the encore. From there he went into the infamous “Chester the Molester,” as Jay took over for “C’mon C’mon (We’re Gonna Get it Started),” and ending with Patrick’s “The Good in Everyone.” A perfect ending to a perfect night. Long live Sloan!

Come back to Modern Mystery in the coming days for our interview with Sloan’s Chris Murphy!

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Watch Sloan Play “Chester the Molester” at Soundcheck
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Secondhand Sunday: Sloan “The Lines You Amend”

This week’s edition of Secondhand Sunday is dedicated to ye olde Sloannnnnn. The band will be in the New York area TWICE this week with a show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ tomorrow night (Monday) and a stop at Brooklyn’s Bell House, Friday night. We’re a little bit more than excited over here for a couple of reasons. First of all….Sloan at Christmas time? That’s a pretty sweet gift. Secondly we will be interviewing the band on Friday and well, to interview one of your favorite bands of all time is just beyond imaginable.  Enjoy one of my favorite Sloan videos for “The Lines You Amend.” Actually one time I told Jay Ferguson if he ever stops playing that song live, I’m not sure I can come to any more shows-it’s essential. His reply? “No don’t do that!!”

Alright time for some Sloooooannnnnnnn!

Sloan Announce U.S. Tour Dates!!!

Just when we thought we’d have to go the year without Sloan passing through town, we all got a nice little surprise this afternoon that the band is embarking on a late fall tour of the U.S.! The shows are not promoting any new full length record of course, but it will be showcasing their new EP, Take it Upon Yourself , in which you can currently download the single of the same name on Sloan’s site for FREE. We’re glad to see that Chris Murphy is feeling better from his hit and run accident! The tour also makes a stop at Brooklyn’s Bell House on December 4th (What no Bowery?). Tickets went on sale at Ticketweb today at noon so be sure to grab yourself a pair! Below are the most current Sloan tour dates with more to follow. It’s always good to see some Slllllllllllllllloaaaaannnnnnn!

ps. It’s also Jay Ferguson’s Birthday today!!

Sloan Tour Dates

Nov 28 – Detroit, MI
Nov 29 – Columbus, OH
Nov 30 – Hoboken, NJ
Dec 01 – Vienna, VA
Dec 03 – Cambridge, MA
Dec 04 – Brooklyn, NY
Dec 05 – Philadelphia, PA

Secondhand Sunday: Sloan ‘Money City Maniacs’

Lately I’ve had Sloan on my mind, mainly because New York is usually graced by their prescene this time of year. The word is the guys are working on their next album, the followup to last year’s ‘Parallel Play’ hence why there is a lack of summer touring.

On a more serious note, Sloan bassist/singer/sometimes drummer Chris Murphy was hit by a drunk driver on Friday in Toronto. It was a hit and run. Murphy has a broken collarbone which he will need to have surgery on. Though this doesn’t slow him down one bit as the band is playing a show in their homeland of Canada today in which it was stated that he was just going to sing and not play the bass. Though the band stated that the other few tour dates may be affected since he needs surgery now.

We send all of the well wishes in the world to Chris and a very speedy recovery! He’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Watch Sloan’s ‘Money City Maniacs’


Get more on Chris Murphy’s accident at Exclaim

A Modern Mystery Holiday Party with Jay Ferguson of Sloan

Welcome to another round of a Modern Mystery Holiday Party! Today we have Jay Ferguson, guitarist and vocalist of indie pop Gods, Sloan.

Okay, I personally was super excited when Jay agreed to do this for us. Sloan is one of my all time favorite bands. I have seen them so many times, I’ve actually lost count. Their harmonies are to die for and their melodies are always extremely catchy.

I could lilterally go on for days talking about Sloan’s greatness. This year Sloan released Parallel Play which of course, was jam packed with their signature sound. They will sure be one of our Top 10 Records of the year on here (which will be up next week).

Jay was kind enough to share with us his Top 10 Songs of 2008 and more. Here’s to more Sloan in 2009!

My Top 10 Songs of 2008

1. Jay Arner (of International Falls) – Undiscovered Sun
2. Solange – I Decided (Part 1)
3. Phoenix – Twenty-One One Zero
4. Will Currie & The Country French – Honest People
5. The Bicycles – Once Was Not Enough
6. MGMT – Electric Feel
7. Brent Randall & His Pinecones – Snowdrops
8. Jay Reatard – Always Wanting More
9. Pony Da Look – Wishstick
10. Last Shadow Puppets – Standing Next To Me

Best Thing and Strangest Thing that happened to me this year are probably one and the same:

A dinner with Johnny Marr discussing a wide range of topics including Family Guy and Keith Richards’ moves. A toppermost gentleman.

Fave Holiday Memory:
Any snowball fight circa 1976-78.