Sigur Ros’ Jonsi Due to Release Live Album/ DVD

Sigur Ros’ frontman, Jonsi delivered the news of  his live record set to be released on November 29. Go Live includes a compilation of a 14-song album, and additionally a DVD of his 73 minute live performance in London during March of 2010. The album package contains Jonsi’s remastered versions of his solo work Go and comes with a collection of personal photographs taken by the band during the tour. Music and eye-candy wrapped up in one chewy gumball of Jonsi’s haunting vocals and delicate symphonies.

Go Live Tracklisting:

  1. stars in still water
  2. hengilás
  3. icicle sleeves
  4. kolniður
  5. tornado
  6. sinking friendships
  7. saint naive
  8. go do
  9. boy lilikoi
  10. animal arithmetic
  11. new piano song
  12. around us
  13. sticks & stones
  14. grow till tall

Go Live DVD Tracklistlisting:

  1. hengilás
  2. icicle sleeves
  3. kolniður
  4. tornado
  5. sinking friendships
  6. go do
  7. boy lilikoi
  8. new piano song
  9. around us
  10. volume pedal song
  11. grow till tall