The Strokes Drop New Video for “Undercover of Darkness,” Release Second Song on NME

If The Strokes didn’t get you all pysched with announcing a new album and following tour, they are certainly trying to entertain you now. The boys just released a video for the first single, “Undercover of Darkness.” This video is a little different for the band as it shows a more mature Strokes. Albert (sans Fro), Niko, Nick and Fab are all dressed up in suits as Julian is sporting the hipster-cool leather jacket look. Nice. The Strokes drop their long awaited record, Angles (BMG), on March 22nd and we have a feeling the fun isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Oh wait! There’s more!

They just released a second song from the record titled “You’re So Right,” that you can stream exclusively on NME (where else?). Check out the new song HERE.

If this doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know what will.


Surfer Blood Covers The Beach Boys

Starting to spread around the internet like a wild fire, Surfer Blood, one of the biggest buzz bands in Indie since The Strokes, has just released their first ever demo.

Originally posted on NME’s The Daily Download, the band did a cover of The Beach Boys “Don’t Worry Baby.” Surfer Blood puts a lo-fi spin on it and singer J.P. Pitts voice is heavenly, just like the original. Though the background vocals are a little distance, it’s exciting to hear the band in their earliest stage. This is definetly a must listen, even if you are the slightest bit curious. Surfer Blood really does the song justice.

Surfer Blood’s debut album Astrocoast was released on Kanine Records earlier this year.

Stream and Download the track below
Surfer Blood – “Dont Worry Baby” (Beach Boys Cover) by modernmysteryblog

NME CMJ Showcase at The Delancey, Thursday, October 22nd

The Antlers at Music Hall of Williamsburg - CMJ 2009 (October 20th, 2009) by Amanda M Hatfield.

Punctuality is rarely a quality in musicians, so the fact that the NME Showcase on Thursday was off-schedule by 2 hours, is inconsequential. The music was well worth the wait.

The Delancey was swimming with people both outside and inside the venue, itching to get a glance at some of the top names at CMJ this year—We Are Enfant Terrible, Reni Lane, Yes Giantess, Suckers, Delorean, The Antlers, Male Bonding, Bear Hands, and an “X-rated special guest.” Clever.

Barcelona beat producers Delorean, the generally unkempt dance-pop dudes, got the crowd to jump and shake and bob, performing tracks from their catalogue. But then, after a long prep session, the stage switched gears completely, welcoming Brooklyn trio The Antlers, the much-hyped creators of break-out album “Hospice” (French Kiss Records, 2009). The members started off whimsically, prefacing “Bear,” as Peter Silberman’s voice grew and quivered, soaked in melancholy, sweat slapping his guitar. They followed with more tracks from “Hospice” and after each one Silberman seemed to weep a little, which lent his voice increasing character. But the problem with performing such a conceptual album—“Hospice” has a streaming narrative throughout detailing death and love—is that you can’t match its theatrics. But instead, when played live it acquires a guttural feeling, almost desperate, clamoring for attention with its loudness. A compliment, I swear. Not better or worse, just different.

Antlers closed abruptly after playing only five songs, but appropriately with the beautifully elevating “Two.” Silberman sang “Then they stuck you in machines, you came so close to dying/They should have listened, they thought that you were lying,” emotion spilling onto the audience. So in the end, media hype here is justified. The Antlers are just good.

Following up a highly-anticipated band can be jarring, but Bear Hands were just the men to do it. Their brand of pop-punk/funk alt brought a lot of personality to the cramped room, performing tracks from their “Golden EP” and other live favorites, like “Vietnam,” which opened the set with attitude blaring from lead singer and admittedly mediocre guitarist—his opinion, not mine—Dylan Rau’s lips. It was another five-song set, but even in just those five, it was obvious this band has it. I don’t quite know what that it is, but I’m fervently sure that it exists.

There’s no better example of this than when they perform “Sickly Brunette,” drummer TJ Orscher flailing his sticks; bassist Val Loper taking a break from his funky bass line to accompany Orscher on percussion, vindictive on his floor tom; guitarist Ted Feldman engrossed in his chords; Rau devouring the mic, feet pigeon-toed scurrying like an awkward James Brown. The irony of it all: they’re from Connecticut.

So experience Bear Hands’ itness for yourself. Visit the band’s MySpace for new tracks and info on upcoming shows in Connecticut and Sao Paulo, Brazil (Viagem segura!).

You would think they would have a somewhat decent band to preface the headliners, the x-traordinary special guests (ok, fine, you twisted my arm, it was The xx). But no, someone decided to book Male Bonding, a UK troop that by definition blow. Since I don’t know their names and don’t really care to, my recap will be shallow. Pink Pants hopped around stage, making sounds with his guitar. Where’s Waldo dude sat behind drums. And Ahmet Zappa talked into the mic. This is all.  

But then The xx regaled all with their pre-pubescent looking presence, all black attire, and minimalist tunes. Part of the majesty of the Londoners’ performance is the presentation, as they all line up facing the crowd, doing drastically different things with drastically different demeanors. They quieted down the noisy showcase with tracks like “Crystalised,” “Basic Space,” and “Islands” from their 2009 LP “xx,” embodying the noir/new wave appeal of the album, proclaiming their talent subtly to eager Lower East Siders. So thanks, kids. That was by far one of the true highlights of CMJ weekend.

-Paola Capo-Garcia

Julian Casablancas to Release Solo Album

Just when we thought, or were promised really, that a new album by The Strokes was on the way, it was recently released that frontman Julian Casablancas is releasing a solo album of his own. I guess the big question here is, ‘What took so long?’ since nearly all of the other members have been working on other projects. With all of that aside, I have a feeling that this  will possibly be the most popular of The Strokes’ side projects. The album will be titled ‘Phrazes For the Young’  and include songs such as ‘Brake Lights’  and ‘Ludlow’.  It was produced by Jason Lader with additional work by Bright Eyes’ Mike Mogis (who oddly just produced the new Pete Yorn album. Guess he is settling in since Bright Eyes is only making one more record together before Conor goes solo for good). Casablancas will hit the road this year with a series of special show dates and then a mini solo tour to follow at the end of 2009. I’m going to take a longshot and say he will probably appear at CMJ. Will we finally get that new Strokes record this year? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. They said they were working on it. Sigh. Quite frankily, I just miss The Strokes.

Get a taste of Julian solo at

New Arctic Monkeys ‘Crying Lightning’

Back with their third album, The Arctic Monkeys have just released the single ‘Crying Lightning’.Luckily for the band they’ve broken the sophomore album curse and are still continuing to make waves. While the song has the Arctic Monkeys ‘vibe’ we all know and love, it definitely shows that the band is growing. This is of course a good thing especially since most didn’t think the band would last long. The Arctic Monkeys will release the new record, ‘Humbug’ on August 25 via Domino Records.  Oddly enough, it was produced by Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.

You can stream ‘Crying Lightning’ via The Arctic Monkey’s MYSPACE

The band has also listed some upcoming tour dates

08/01 – Liberty State Park (All Points West)
08/02 – Montreal, Canada (Osheaga Festival)
08/02 – New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom
08/05 – Boston, MA @ Paradise
08/07 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
08/08 – Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza
08/28 – Leeds Festival
08/29 – Reading Festival

Cage the Elephant ‘Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked’

Sometimes late night music videos capture my attention. Case in point, Cage the Elephant, a band that has been surrounded by a ‘great big buzz’ lately. The Kentucky five piece who started gaining attention in the UK before they even broke out here, have been making waves with their first single ‘Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked’. The tune sounds like the love child between The White Stripes and The Black Keys, both flattering comparisions. Blending a bit of soul and blues into their rock and roll vibe, Cage the Elephant is already on their way to being the next ‘big thing’.

Check out Cage the Elephant’s video for ‘Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked’

Tourdates and More Music over on their MYSPACE