The Strokes Take Over Saturday Night Live

The Strokes took over Saturday Night Live this weekend! The band performed two songs, the first single from Angles, “Undercover of Darkness,” and a new unheard track from the upcoming LP titled “Life is Simple in the Moonlight.” If these two tracks are a taste of the what the full record has to offer, this makes us even more excited. If thats possible. Watch the videos below!


The Strokes Drop New Video for “Undercover of Darkness,” Release Second Song on NME

If The Strokes didn’t get you all pysched with announcing a new album and following tour, they are certainly trying to entertain you now. The boys just released a video for the first single, “Undercover of Darkness.” This video is a little different for the band as it shows a more mature Strokes. Albert (sans Fro), Niko, Nick and Fab are all dressed up in suits as Julian is sporting the hipster-cool leather jacket look. Nice. The Strokes drop their long awaited record, Angles (BMG), on March 22nd and we have a feeling the fun isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Oh wait! There’s more!

They just released a second song from the record titled “You’re So Right,” that you can stream exclusively on NME (where else?). Check out the new song HERE.

If this doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know what will.

New Strokes Album Pushed Back. Again.

Whenever we get closer to a new album by The Strokes, they seem to get delayed. Can we have a colllective “UGH”? The date has been pushed back again for the upcoming fourth record that was originally supposed to be out this fall. Now it has a tentative release date of March 2011. Singer Julian Casablancas has been talking about it in interviews and he doesn’t seem to quite have the passion he once did for the band. Though, this has all been judged out of the tone of his voice. As for what he says, Casablancas stated on BBC 6 that this album will be the most collaborative piece that the band has ever done, and it also halfway finished. He is quoted saying the album is “something that I hope works and I hope everyone loves and makes everyone happy.” When talking about The Strokes future, he stated “Let’s make sure no one tries to stab me or something.” Is this serious or Casablancas sarcasm and wit? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Julian Casablancas – The Strokes – “I’ll Try Anything Once” (“You Only Live Once” Demo) by ModernMysteryBlog

The Strokes Working on New Record

The time has finally come.  Modern day garage heroes, and much missed may I add, The Strokes are finally working on album number 4! It seems so long since ‘First Impressions of Earth’ was released. In fact its been 3 years since we’ve heard from the band as a collective. I guess Albert, Fab and Niko are ready to pry themselves away from their side projects for now and bring it back to where it all started. One little band, that believe it or not, was really the beginning of the new garage revival (people didn’t start caring about The White Stripes until after)

Fab stated in the most recent issue of NME that Julian and Nick have already started to write songs for the new record, but nothing has been recorded just yet. The article also states that the band is gearing up to start recording sometime in February. That means a new Strokes record by the year’s end. One word: Excitement!

The Strokes Live on Fuse’s 7th Avenue Drop, January 2006.  Performing ‘Someday’

I was there. Front row. Chatting it up with The Strokes. Good times.

Little Joy ‘Keep Me in Mind’

I’m usually one to complain that The Strokes still haven’t put out a fourth long awaited album, but I think I can stop whining for at least a little while. Drummer Fab Moretti by far takes the cake for the ‘best Strokes side project’ with his newest band, Little Joy. Megapuss and Little Joy? When does this guy sleep? Little Joy is also made up of Binki Shapiro and Rodrigo Amarante, who have the most infectious voices that you will ever hear.

What gets me about Little Joy is the fact they remind me of The Strokes, especially in the song ‘Keep Me in Mind.’ Its more about the vibe than anything else, and Little Joy is certainly their own thing. There’s just something about them that makes you want more and more.

Download Keep Me in Mind

Check out Little Joy on their Myspace