Little Joy ‘Keep Me in Mind’

I’m usually one to complain that The Strokes still haven’t put out a fourth long awaited album, but I think I can stop whining for at least a little while. Drummer Fab Moretti by far takes the cake for the ‘best Strokes side project’ with his newest band, Little Joy. Megapuss and Little Joy? When does this guy sleep? Little Joy is also┬ámade up of Binki Shapiro and┬áRodrigo Amarante, who have the most infectious voices that you will ever hear.

What gets me about Little Joy is the fact they remind me of The Strokes, especially in the song ‘Keep Me in Mind.’ Its more about the vibe than anything else, and Little Joy is certainly their own thing. There’s just something about them that makes you want more and more.

Download Keep Me in Mind

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