She & Him Release New Video for “Thieves”

The dynamic duo of She and Him, better known as Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward make pretty videos to their pretty music. Their newest for the enchanting “Thieves,” is no different. Recently releasing their second record, Volume Two, the group is gaining more attention than even before. And THAT seemed unbeatable.

The video is produced by Norwood Creek, and features a child version of Deschannel and Ward, playing, and sending items to their older selves to discover in the future. Done in a sketchy black and white, it enchances the song for a really emotional impact that is beautifully done. She and Him can do no wrong.


On the Lookout in 2010


The new year of 2010 has finally embraced us all.  I’m not one to celebrate a new year in a giddy fashion like many others.  I cannot stand those mass texts of, “Happy New Years!! :)” from people I only talk to during holidays.  So, as I hosted a little first-day-of-the-new-year and watched as everyone got heavily drunk, I realized, holy fuck, it’s 2010.  Do you know what this means?  Do you?  2010 is going to be a great, great year of releases.  I only say that based on the fact that some of my most admirable artists are releasing their upcoming albums within the next few months of 2010.  I’ll segment this into pieces.  Each piece will contain 6 artists and their upcoming album(s) for the year 2010. –Krista De La Rosa

She & Him: Volume 2

Now, my obsession with She & Him is stronger than my obsession with Robert Downey Jr.  It could be for two reasons: I am head over heels with M. Ward.  As awkward as a character he may be, he has swooned me over many times.  I’ve seen him live many times and I’ve only fallen more in love with his salty black hair, deep brown eyes, and facial structure.  Now, of course, the other reason sums of 150% to why I love She & Him so much: My love for Zooey Deschanel is stronger than any other.  I have never fallen in love with an actress/singer as much as I have with her.  You don’t understand.  I really cannot stress how much I am in love with her.  So, when you put the two together, holy God, how can one NOT be completely in love with their sound?

She & Him: Volume 2 is set tobe released March 23 on Merge.

Volume Two track list:

01 Thieves
02 In the Sun [ft. Tilly and the Wall]
03 Don’t Look Back
04 Ridin’ in My Car (NRBQ cover)
05 Lingering Still
06 Me and You
07 Gonna Get Along Without You Now (Skeeter Davis cover)
08 Home
09 I’m Gonna Make It Better
10 Sing
11 Over It Over Again
12 Brand New Shoes
13 If You Can’t Sleep

By just reading their track list, butterflies fluttered around my stomach.  I already know this album is going to be the soundtrack to my year and life.  I mean, COME ON, track numbers 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13 are already the soundtrack to my life just by reading the title of their songs.  Zooey and M. Ward never cease to amaze me.  Lord, I cannot wait till this album comes out.  (By the way, their album cover comes out later this Spring.  I think I have pictured almost every possible album cover they may have for Volume 2.)

Vampire Weekend: Contra

Vampire Weekend.  Vampire Weekend. Ezra Koenig,Rostam Batmanglij, Chris Tomson, Chris Baio.  Have you ever seen Ezra and Chris (Tomson)?  Ever?  I have never even seen them in the flesh, yet just watching videos/pictures of Vampire Weekend makes my heart melt into puddles.

The day they released Horchata, I became the happiest girl in this little world.  I mean, that song was on repeat for weeks.  I literally listened to nothing BUT Horchata.  That’s how awesome it was.  And when they recently released Cousins.  Holy shit.  Their video just amazed me.  Like, it left me in awe with how awesome it all was.  This song makes me dance.  I DON’T DANCE.  (Well, okay, I’ve been dancing in a studio since I was 5, but I have no passion for it at all.  So, don’t ever remind me that I admitted to the fact that I was a dancer).  Regardless, this song makes you dance.  And only a song like that is a song worth listening to over and over again.  Plus, Ezra and Tomson look SO good in this video.

Vampire Weekend: Contra is set to be released January 11 on XL Recordings.

Contra track list:

01 Horchata
02 White Sky
03 Holiday
04 California English
05 Taxi Cab
06 Run
07 Cousins
08 Giving Up the Gun
09 Diplomat’s Son
10 I Think Ur a Contra

Beach House – Teen Dream

Now, I would like to get a round of applause from every Beach House listener in the world.  Why?  Because when Teen Dream album leaked in November, I did not indulge in the peer Beach House pressure.  Yes, this is all true.  I am waiting 24 more days to personally purchase and own a copy of this album.  24 more fucking days.

Beach House was produced and engineered by Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Grizzly Bear).  These past few days, I have been thinking about how awesome it would be to be Coady.  Then I scribbled on a piece of paper; “Goal: To be another Chris Coady”.  I am going to take over this music world.  Really.  Maybe.  Maybe really.

Beach House: Teen Dream is set to be released January 26 on Sub Pop Records.

Teen Dream track list:

01 Zebra
02 Silver Soul
03 Norway
04 Walk in the Park
05 Used to Be
06 Lover of Mine
07 Better Times
08 10 Mile Stereo
09 Real Love
10 Take Care

Eels: End Times

If you don’t love the Eels, you don’t love life.  If you don’t love this depressing, bearded-beauty album cover, you don’t love humanity.  There is just something so extra magical about the Eels that keep my heart beating.

Eels: End Times is set to be released January 19 on Vagrant Records.

End Times track list:

01 The Beginning
02 Gone Man
03 In My Younger Days
04 Mansions of Los Feliz
05 A Line in the Dirt
06 End Times
07 Apple Trees
08 Paradise Blues
09 Nowadays
10 Unhinged
11 High and Lonesome
12 I Need a Mother
13 Little Bird
14 On My Feet

Spoon – Transference

Now, now, now, I love Spoon very much.  Even though it’s been 5 months since I have last seen them live, my love for their music continues to grow.  So, when I found out about their newest album, my heart dropped.  But then, BUT THEN, they released their recent single, “Got Nuffin”.  Oh My God.  That song, THAT SONG, had to be the greatest thing my ears have ever tuned in to.  Also, let me not forget to add that my obsession with Rob Pope (bassist of Spoon/Get Up Kids) skyrockets beyond all others.  Charming men playing absolutely mind blowing music is the key to my heart.  Spoon has it all.

Spoon: Transference is set to be released January 26 (January 25 in Europe) on Merge.

Transference track list:

01 Before Destruction
02 Is Love Forever?
03 The Mystery Zone
04 Who Makes Your Money
05 Written in Reverse
06 I Saw the Light
07 Trouble Comes Running
08 Goodnight Laura
09 Out Go the Lights
10 Got Nuffin
11 Nobody Gets Me But You

Shout Out Louds: Walk

Okay, Phil Ek produced this album.  PHIL EK.  If you are not familiar with this man, just know that he also produced The Shins, Fleet Foxes, and Band of Horses albums.  So, you know without a doubt that this album will be nothing but glorious sounds.  Shout Out Louds have always been a favorite of mine.  Even when all The O.C. fans became obsessed with them after hearing one of their songs during an episode (I’m not hating, I am a complete O.C. fan), I still was a devoted fangirl to Shout Out Louds.  Words cannot express how excited I am that they are no longer on a “break” and are releasing a new album.

Shout Out Louds: Walk is set to be released February 23 on Merge.

Walk track list:

01 1999
02 Fall Hard
03 Play the Game
04 Walls
05 Candle Burned Out
06 Throwing Stones
07 Four by Four
08 Moon
09 Some Me Something New
10 Too Late, Too Slow

Modern Mystery Holiday Party Part Three

Welcome to the third installment of our Modern Mystery Holiday party! Today our list is filled with our favorite up and coming indie bands that will be making huge waves in 2010. Sit back with your glass of eggnog and enjoy reading!

Joe Paolucci-Modern Mystery Writer
Top Albums of 2009


Neko Case-Middle Cyclone
Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest
Kings of Convenience- Declaration of Dependence
Atlas Sound-Logos
Phoenix- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Camera Obscura- My Maudlin Career
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-It’s Blitz!
Yacht- See Mystery Lights
Wye Oak-The knot
M.Ward-Hold Time …
Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse-Dark Night of the Soul
Black Moth Super Rainbow- Eating Us

Krista De La Rosa-Modern Mystery Writer

Top 10 Albums of 2009

1. Reservoir – Fanfarlo
2. The First Days of Spring – Noah and the Whale
3. Hospice – The Antlers
4. Actor – St. Vincent
5. Monsters of Folk – Monsters of Folk
6. Mean Everything to Nothing – Manchester Orchestra
7. Hold Time – M Ward
8. Aim and Ignite – Fun
9. 2.0 – The XX
10. My Maudlin Career – Camera Obscura

Ivy Weir- Modern Mystery Writer

The best albums of 2009 (in Ivy-Noelle’s humble opinion)

5. God Help the Girl- s/t
I love Belle and Sebastian…so of course I love this weird indie-musical written by Stuart Murdoch. Catherine Ireton’s voice is absolutely beautiful, especially when giving new life to an old Belle & Sebastian staple, “Funny Little Frog”. Plus, the eponymous track is essentially the themesong to my entire life, haha.

4. Handsome Furs- Face Control
I’m in love with Dan Boeckner. And his wife, too! Handsome Furs have a truly unique sound and they’ve perfected that on their second album. It’s different enough from Boeckner’s other band, Wolf Parade, to be interesting- but similar in the repetetive guitar hooks and almost yelped vocals. Seriously great.

3. The Duchess & The Duke- She’s the Duchess, He’s the Duke
I almost didn’t give this album a chance, but boy am I glad I did. It’s raw, lo-fi, garage acoustic indie rock goodness. The male vocals are purely rock-n-roll, and meshed with the female back-ups it’s a great, vintage, 1960s feel. The lyrics are blunt and honest and work extremely well with the overall sound.

2. M. Ward- Hold Time
In my mind, M. Ward can do no wrong (well…She & Him. But that’s just because of my irrational hatred for Zooey Deschanel). “Hold Time” is classic M. Ward at his best- soaring melodies that somehow still seem as simple as the Appalachian folksongs from which he draws influence. Production value on this album is much higher than his past works, but it works- and Ward’s raspy, unique voice still shines through. Indie superstar collaborations make this one of the best albums of the year, and certainly of M. Ward’s career.

1. Matt & Kim- Grand
This is the album that broke Brooklyn’s Matt & Kim onto the mainstream scene- with “Daylight” featured in a Bacardi commercial, many of their hardcore followers accused them of selling out. But who cares? They are making unique, perfect pop music and if they’re also making money, good for them! This album is fantastic- there’s not a bad track on it. The whole thing flows like one crazy dance party from beginning to end. I also had the pleasure of seeing the duo in concert in July, and it was one of the craziest experiences of my life. I hope these two keep making music for a long time.

5. “All We Want, Baby, Is Everything”- Handsome Furs
4. “Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare”- Matt & Kim
3. “Insane Lullaby (ft. James Mercer)” -Dark Night of the Soul
2. “Empire State of Mind” – Jay Z and Alicia Keys
1. “Two Weeks”- Grizzly Bear

Tucker Riggleman-The Demon Beat

Top 10 Albums of the Year

1. Japandroids – Post-Nothing
2. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz
4. Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion
5. Bon Iver – Blood Bank EP
6. Dandelion Snow – It’s Just A Bad Dream
7. Lucero – 1372 Overton Park
8. Dead Weather – Horehound
9. Stephen MacDonald & The Okay Win – We Are Bound
10.Kevin Devine – Brother’s Blood


1. This record had such a huge impact on me that I braved it to D.C. to catch them at a small club, which is hard to do since I hate D.C. – my car was broken into and I had some valuable things stolen. I was barely upset because their show was so awesome.

2. I played the fuck out of this record at work last year. I was a hall security guard type of a thing and I would just blare this stuff. Probably didn’t make me seem any tougher. The hooks are monumental.

3. Took a while to grow on me, but the slow pretty songs are gorgeous and abundant.

4. Great summer record. “Summertime Clothes” is one of my favorite songs of the past 5 years.

5. Justin Vernon could shit on a CD and I’d buy it.

6. Good friends of ours. Myself and BIG BULLET RECORDS helped put this out. I love the way Roger can take a song and make it so everyone feels something.

7. Their most well-rounded album to date, though I’ll still prefer the old classics.

8. Raunchy as fuck. Love it.

9. Another BBR artist, this one from Massachusetts. Steve is heavily influenced by Kevin Devine and I think his record is better than the one Kevin put out this year.

10. I still liked “Brother’s Blood”, but the demos that KD put out all year leading up the the album are more intimate and better overall in my opinion than the final versions.

Craziest Thing that Happened to You This Year?:

I’d say going to NYC and making a record in basically a day. It was surreal, and we are overwhelmingly happy with the results. Also, our first trip to NYC in late January was interesting. Jordan had a girl run on stage and stick a vial of weed in his shirt pocket while we were playing. Insane.

What do you love the most about the Holidays?

Seasonal alcoholic beverages.

Jordan Hudkins-The Demon Beat


1. Surfer Blood – “Take It Easy”

2. Henry’s Dress – “Zero/Zero/Zero”

3. Flake Music – “Sue Defender”

4. Kid Cudi – “Pursuit of Happiness”

5. The Who – “Tattoo”

6. Librarians – “Hard to Unwind”

7. Hammer No More The Fingers – “Nobody Knows”

8. Royal Bangs – “Poison Control”

9. Weezer – “Let It All Hang Out”

10. Enigma – “Return to Innocence”

Craziest Thing that Happened to You This Year?:

The craziest thing that happened to ME this year was a wild rickshaw ride I took in Raleigh, NC. The driver took me and two friends up into a parking garage, and then we sped down the spiral exit ramp. It was like a ROLLERCOASTER. Apparently, this kind of behavior is forbidden for a rickshaw driver, thereby exponentially increasing the thrill-index of our lil’ adventure.

What do you love the most about the Holidays?

Cranberry Sierra Mist…but I think that is always available now. C’est la vie!

Adam Meisterhans- The Demon  Beat

1. i didn’t like any records that came out this year. especially not kevin devine records.
2. i started taking anti-depressants.
3. egg-nog.

Jason Meeks-Binary Marketing Show

cass mccombs — catacombs
grizzly bear – vecktimest
antony and the johnson’s — the crying light
tUnE yArDs — bird-brains
jim o’rourke — the visitor
micachu and the shapes — jewellry
animal collective — merriweather post pavillion
bill callahan — sometimes i wish we were an eagle
st. vincent — the actor

Craziest Thing that Happened to You This Year?:

i guess it was breaking down in the middle of nowhere ohio while we were on tour and staying with complete strangers that told us their life stories. not to mention, some really weird secrets that we really didn’t want to know about..

What do you love the most about the Holidays?

i suppose the terrible holiday food to be consumed. it’s always fun to eat a 7 course meal that’s probably worth 5000 calories.

Abram Morphew-Binary Marketing Show

ennio morricone – la storia vera della signora dalle camelie
marissa nadler – little hells
thinguma*jigsaw – (awakeinwhitechapel)
blair harris – watercolor
bachelorette – my electric family
dead man’s bones – dead man’s bones
circulatory system – signal morning
bill callahan – sometimes i wish we were an eagle
two eyes meet redux – pop songs on illusions and tragedies
cass mccombs – catacombs

Craziest Thing that Happened to You This Year?:

seeing a naked gentleman painting himself white in a field of burning trash.

What do you love the most about the Holidays?

the silence that follows snow.

Bethany Carder-Binary Marketing Show

Sun City Girls- Napoleon & Josaphine
Alela Diane- To Be Still
Mount Eerie- Winds Poem
Castanets- Texas Rose,the thaw and the beast
Woods Family Creeps- Woods family creeps
Dear Olive- the ocean the sea
Diane Cluck- black with green leaves
Larkin Grimm- Harpoon
Orion Rigel Dommisse- What I want from you is sweet
Bacherlorette- my electric family

Craziest Thing that Happened to You This Year?:

Newton Falls Ohio. Being lifted atop a flatbed, while sitting inside a jeep watching the rapid lights, strange feeling…yes

What do you love the most about the Holidays?

Sharing a few moments with the ones ya Love, however far they may be..or near. it’s a swell feeling

Monsters of Folk Release New Video, Contest Details!

It’s safe to say that everything Conor Oberst has his hands in turns to gold. Monsters of Folk, who also features M. Ward, Mike Mogis and Jim James are just wrapping up their extremely successful tour this weekend, want the fans to get involved in the fun. The band has just released their new video for the track “Say Please,” which is a stunning display of an earlier carefree time in life. Monsters of Folk play to a group of 1920’s rollerskaters who seem almost oblivious the band is even playing. With beautiful colors and strings of Christmas lights, it’s a sight that must be seen.

Though Oberst and company are already looking ahead to the next video, and that is where the fans come in. Monsters of Folk are running a contest for the next single “Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.).” Teaming up with Apple/Quicktime and Death & Taxes Magazine, the band is challenging people to make their own creative music video for the song. The winning video will be posted live, and the winner will also win $5,000, a Gibson guitar signed by the band, and a copy of the new Final Cut Studio Software. The Top 5 finalists will all win signed vinyl copies of the album from the band. Talk about a happy holiday!

To enter the contest head over to Shangri-La Record’s Website

Watch Monsters of Folk “Say Please”

Modern Mystery’s Top 50 Albums of 2008


Its been a big 2008 for Modern Mystery. We’ve meet some really amazing bands, seen some incredible shows, and made a lot of great friends. We know 2009 will bring even more and we’re very excited!

We have compiled our list of our Top 50 Albums of 2008. Though this was by no means easy, we think we’ve included our all of certain favorites of the year. Below our list you’ll see a few more Top Lists of 2008, so check that out as well.  Hope you like our Top 50 Albums as much as we do!

1. of Montreal- Skeletal Lamping
2. Morning Benders- Talking Through Tin Cans
3. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin-Pershing
4. Miniature Tigers- Tell it to the Volcano
5. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals- Cardinalogy
6. Sloan- Parallel Play
7. MGMT- Oracular Spectacular
8. Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band- Self Titled
9. The Spinto Band- Moonwink
10. Okkervil River- The Stand Ins
11. Chairlift- Does You Inspire You?
12. We Are Scientists- Brain Thrust Mastery
13. Tokyo Police Club- Elephant Shell
14. Ra Ra Riot- The Rhumb Line
15. Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s- Animal and Not Animal
16.  Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks- Real Emotional Trash
17. The French Kicks- Swimming
18. The Stills- Oceans Will Rise
19. The Walkmen- You and Me
20. Vampire Weekend- Self Titled
21. Wyldlife- Self Titled
22. Jenny Lewis- Acid Tongue
23. Annuals- Such Fun
24. Ratatat- Lp3
25. The Headlights- Some Racing, Some Stopping
26.  Department of Eagles- In Ear Park
27. Dr. Dog- Fate
28. Born Ruffians- Red Yellow and Blue
29. Los Campesinos- Hold On Now, Youngster
30. The Little Ones- Morning Tide
31. Mason Proper- Olly Oxen Free
32. She & Him- Volume 1
33. Albert  Hammond Jr.- Como te Llama?
34. Death Cab for Cutie- Narrow Stairs
35. Joan of Arc- Boo Human
36. Deerhoof- Offend Maggie
37. Sam Roberts Band- Love at the End of the World
38. Fleet Foxes- Self Titled
39. Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
40. Atlas Sound- Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel
41. Kings of Leon- Only By the Night
42. M83- Saturdays= Youth
43. Helio Sequence- Keep Your Eyes Ahead
44. Man Man- Rabbit Habits
45. Flight of the Conchords- Self Titled
46. Cold War Kids- Loyalty to Loyalty
47. The Mae Shi- Hlllyh
48. Secret Machines- Selt Titled
49. Santogold- Self Titled
50. Tim Fite- Fair Ain’t Fair

BEST EP OF 2008:
Matt Pond PA- The Freeep

Pavement- Brighten The Corners- Nicence Creedence Edition

Of Montreal at Roseland, NYC. Kevin Barnes on a live white horse? Try to beat that!

1. The Morning Benders
2. Miniature Tigers
3. Chairlift
5. Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band

CONTEST! Tickets to Okobos Festival in Green Bay, Featuring Death Cab, Ben Folds and M. Ward

I just recieved a pair of tickets to the Okobos Festival in Green Bay next week. Amongst the performers are Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Folds and M. Ward. If you are interested in winning these tickets, please leave your name and email address in the comments box.

You will be notified by me if you won on Tuesday! The festival is next week, on Saturday October 11th,  so make sure you can go before entering.

Good luck!

Check out the Okobos Festival and its lineup here.