Army Navy Release New Album, “The Last Place”


The California-based indie pop band Army Navy have now released their second album, The Last Place, through their own label, The Fever Zone Records! You can stream it in full at Aol Music. So you know what to expect, SPIN Magazine gave it an 8 out of 10, calling it “a feel-bad record you can actually feel good about.”  Not entirely sure what that means, but judging from the first excerpt the band has made available for download, “The Long Goodbye,” it seems that Army Navy could easily seduce you with their sweet pop tunes. The band is also set to tour throughout the second half of the year so keep your ears out for more news!

Listen to “The Long Goodbye” below:


Coachella Expands to TWO Weekends

There was a high demand for Coachella tickets this year and they are certainly taking advantage of the situation for the sold out shows. Hey, why not? Next year the festival will take place on two weekends in April as opposed to the one weekend stint. Already scheduled and ready to go, Coachella will take place from April April 13-15 and 20-22 next year. Reps for the festival state that the artists playing both weekends will be identical, so need to shell out the money for both weekends. Passes for next April go on sale THIS Friday, June 3rd and will be available at the payment plan price until June 10th. You will still be able to get the passes but you will have to pay for them in full. Three day passes run $269 plus fees, and will be held in Indio, California, as always.

For more about Coachella, head HERE.

DATAROCK Releases “California” Remix

Norway’s DATAROCK have a long-standing reputation for creating a unique sound which encompasses elements of new wave, indie dance and funk music.  They recently released Catcher in the Rye, dubbed “the most extravagant single in history”, as well as a secret EP titled California featuring tracks that will be featured in the upcoming DATAROCK-the musical.

This week, the group also released a remix by Ralph Myers of the title track from the EP on BigShot.  Both California and Catcher In the Rye can be purchased on iTunes.  And adding a little fun flair to the release of the single for TheCatcher In The Rye, fans can also purchase a collectible designer toy with a USB stick from SUPER7.  The USB stick features 113 tracks, 1500 photos taken at various shows with stops in 33 countries along with 20 music videos, Never Say Die, a brand new hour-long concert film as well as some other rarities and b-sides.

Check out the remix of “California“.

Young Prisms Premiere New Video

Most quotes praising Young Prisms include the words “Psychedelic,” “no-fi” (or “lo-fi,”), refer to the washed-out guitars and mention the band’s sunny Californian origins. All these words come together in the band’s latest video for their song off Friends For Now on Kanine Records, “Breathless,” which premiered this week on Altered Zones. Initially shot by Andrew Creighton, the first draft of the video was brought to Denver to director Trevor Peterson, of Woodsman, who shot added more visuals. Watching this video feels like on long look into a big rocking kaleidoscope.

Experience it for yourself. Watch the video for “Breathless” below:

And if watching that video made you want to experience this dizzying experience live, you can! They’ve been touring the US and will be on the road until the end of April with the Fresh & Onlys and Crocodiles on a few dates.

Here are their upcoming tour dates:

4/19 – Frankies – Toledo, OH
4/20 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL (with Fresh & Onlys and Crocodiles)
4/21 – Parts & Labour – Toronto, ON (with Fresh & Onlys)
4/22 – Il Motore – Montreal, QC (with Fresh & Onlys)
4/23 – Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY (with Fresh & Onlys and Crocodiles)
4/24 – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA (with Fresh & Onlys and Crocodiles)
4/25 – The Red Palace – Washington, DC (with Fresh & Onlys and Crocodiles)
4/26 – King’s Barcade – Raleigh, NC (with Crocodiles)
4/27 – The Earl – Atlanta, GA (with Fresh & Onlys and Crocodiles)
4/28 – Bottletree – Birmingham, AL (with Fresh & Onlys and Crocodiles)
4/29 – The Republic – New Orleans, LA (with Fresh & Onlys and Crocodiles)
4/30 – Seaholm Powerplant, Austin Psych Festival – Austin, TX

Datarock Releases EP In Advance of Full Album

Datarock has suddenly released an EP, California, in anticipation of their opus, Datarock – The Musical.  All tracks on the California EP will be on the full-length album, due out later this year.  You can hear the entire EP streaming right here:  Enjoy!

Album Review: Girls – Broken Dreams Club EP

On the True Panther Sounds record label website, a love letter written by label member Christopher Owens is published. Owens and Chet “JR” White are the two California boys who make up Girls. The letter’s subject is you and me: the fans. His confession that without us, their fantastic new EP, Broken Dreams Club wouldn’t exist is oozing with sincerity and endearment to a surprising and delightful degree, for I fear we are the ones who should be thanking them.

It starts out with “Thee Oh So Protective One,” an almost loungey, luxurious cruise ship dance tune. It has the kind of sound meant to be played on or by water, begging for a steel drum to make a cameo, but Girls know better than to ham it up that far. In all seriousness, it’s a well dichotomized song with an easy, rich and full sound with brilliant, almost majestic trumpet incorporation but then sad and unfortunate lyrics: “He’ll never know about the times that you cried in the movies, never know about the times that you cried to the music” and insecure reflections: “I wonder if he’s impressed/Should I have worn the other dress?” This first track is also a great introduction to Owen’s classic vocal style, conjuring that of Burt Bacharach.

White’s bass skills really shine through on “Heartbreaker.” The bass drives the song and adds an extra level of cool to this already radical song. It’s full of charm from the groovy, playful vocals, expert bass, innocent and earnest piano, 80s electric guitar riffs to the light, twinkly tambourine. This well polished song exhibits professional production and a band who means serious business, as far as quality is concerned.

There’s a significant country influence on the title track and on fittingly titled “Carolina,” the former with a somber blues tone actually quite in line with Bright Eyes’ I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning. The muffled, raunchy horns add a nice ragtime jazz touch. “Carolina” is much more experimental but still carries the twangy, drawling, country guitar featured on “Broken Dreams Club.” “Carolina” is a delicious pop dish with booming lines delivered a capella, an oldies “do run run run do do run run” refrain in the background and trippy electronic effects.

“Substance,” if you couldn’t guess from the title, is about drugs: “If you want to shape your brain, I know a substance…that helps you rock and roll.” Ironically enough, it seems to be an anti-drug anthem mocking drug users and their absurd habits, and based on their West Coast, partially ex-hippie cult background (Owens hails from the Children of God cult – or movement – spawned during the 60s California drug phase), are probably mocking themselves: “You can do anything yeah, you can rock and roll outta control/Who wants something real when you could have nothing/Why not just give up, who wants to try.”

This record is buoyant, a little kitschy, and varying in styles. If you’re not already one of the addressees of Owens’ letter, listen o this EP immediately and find out what you’ll soon to be gushing over.