DATAROCK Releases “California” Remix

Norway’s DATAROCK have a long-standing reputation for creating a unique sound which encompasses elements of new wave, indie dance and funk music.  They recently released Catcher in the Rye, dubbed “the most extravagant single in history”, as well as a secret EP titled California featuring tracks that will be featured in the upcoming DATAROCK-the musical.

This week, the group also released a remix by Ralph Myers of the title track from the EP on BigShot.  Both California and Catcher In the Rye can be purchased on iTunes.  And adding a little fun flair to the release of the single for TheCatcher In The Rye, fans can also purchase a collectible designer toy with a USB stick from SUPER7.  The USB stick features 113 tracks, 1500 photos taken at various shows with stops in 33 countries along with 20 music videos, Never Say Die, a brand new hour-long concert film as well as some other rarities and b-sides.

Check out the remix of “California“.

Datarock Releases EP In Advance of Full Album

Datarock has suddenly released an EP, California, in anticipation of their opus, Datarock – The Musical.  All tracks on the California EP will be on the full-length album, due out later this year.  You can hear the entire EP streaming right here:  Enjoy!

Video: Datarock “Give it Up”

Datarock is one of the most bizarre acts out there. Dance poses and red suits are the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing their name. Immediatly following that comes the thought of how great of a band they are. Different, yes. Brilliant, totally. Datarock is due to release ‘Red’ on 4/14 and have just released the video for the first single, ‘Give it Up’.  The video involves nothing more than a crazy dance off, for once making dance competitions seem cool.

Watch Datarock’s ‘Give it Up’

Tilly and the Wall….on Sesame Street

I don’t know about you, but it seems that children’s shows have gotten a lot cooler since we were kids. Yes, I admit Captain Kangaroo was amazing, but face it, shows like Yo Gabba Gabba have Of Montreal, The Shins, and Datarock appearing just to name a few.

Oddly enough I guess Sesame Street feels like they need to play this toddler game as well. First they had Feist doing ‘1234’ and now they have recruited Nebraska’s own Tilly and the Wall to teach children the alphabet. And yes, they are  tap dancing. I’m sure I would have paid more attention when I was a kid if great indie bands were teaching me on TV, but then again, it would be some awful late 80’s act (which would be terrible). I never noticed though how much Tilly and the Wall dress like kids though. I am surprised they didn’t have to cover up any tattoos to be on the show. When did Sesame Street get to be so hip?

Check out Tilly and the Wall on Sesame Street on Team Love’s Vimeo