Coachella Expands to TWO Weekends

There was a high demand for Coachella tickets this year and they are certainly taking advantage of the situation for the sold out shows. Hey, why not? Next year the festival will take place on two weekends in April as opposed to the one weekend stint. Already scheduled and ready to go, Coachella will take place from April April 13-15 and 20-22 next year. Reps for the festival state that the artists playing both weekends will be identical, so need to shell out the money for both weekends. Passes for next April go on sale THIS Friday, June 3rd and will be available at the payment plan price until June 10th. You will still be able to get the passes but you will have to pay for them in full. Three day passes run $269 plus fees, and will be held in Indio, California, as always.

For more about Coachella, head HERE.

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