Cassettes Won’t Listen Release ‘Evinspacey’ June 21st

Cassettes Won’t Listen, the one-man project of Jason Drake (partner and former director of marketing at the famed indie hip hop label Definitive Jux) announced the release of his full-length album Evinspacey. Known best for the single “Cutting Balloons” and official remixes of notable artists such as Aesop Rock, El-P, Midlake, Mr. Lif, Morcheeba and others, Drake’s track “The Echoes” mixes futuristic hip hop beats with his melodic vocals. The album itself is Drake’s nod to his new address (LA from Brooklyn) as well a musing on despair in the city. Summer and Fall tour dates for Cassettes Won’t Listen will be announced soon. Meanwhile, listen to “The Echoes” while meandering down the street and you will find yourself transported into a completely new world. A world you won’t need much convincing to explore.


Liturgy Premieres ‘Generation’, Release Second LP ‘Aesthethica,’ And Announces CD Release Show at Knitting Factory June 2nd

This Brooklyn black metal band has been busy recording screams and droning guitars. Though “Generation” accomplishes everything this extreme subgenre boasts (minus the screams), “High Gold” sounds much like “Generation” (with the screams), but at faster tempo. You can feel the angst seeping out of his every earth-shattering yell. You can visualize churches burning, the lead singers drinking kitten blood, and participating in other various anti-Christ activities. Liturgy will be leaving shortly for their second European tour, but when they return be ready to head-bang and scream along because they will be celebrating the release of Aesthethica at the infamous Knitting Factory on June 2nd. Bring your finest Goth and witness the chaos.

Amanda Palmer Announces Winners of ‘Map of Tasmania Remix Project’ and ‘On An Unknown Beach’ Video

The lovely and talented Amanda Palmer announced the winners of her remix project on Indaba Music recently. The ultimate winner is David Minnik of Detroit, MI, and the pentultimate winners are Jared Graham (York, PA) and Simone Ewouds (Enschede, The Netherlands). Their interpretations of Palmer’s tracks are now available on the two remix EP’s featured on her pay-what-you-desire Bandcamp website. The winners also were compensated for their contributions to the remix EP’s. Minnick took home $1,000 and the two runners-up, $500 each. Palmer also recently released the “On An Unknown Beach Video,” which features Palmer as a rejected bride running on an empty beach and rolling around the sand in despair. Though it sounds laughable, the video is a beautiful representation of this heart-wrenching song.

Kenna Releases “Chains” Video

Though the song is a great summer party mp3, the video suffers greatly from what I like to call “Juno-itis.” Juno-itis is a rapidly spreading disease in the independent music video world. Symptoms include classic hipster clothing, Ray-Bans, polaroids, lots of tattoos, drawings coming to life, and usually an odd mascot costume (or in this case, just a head). Directors, stop doing this crap. There are better ways to convey the meshing of fantasy and reality. Find them. The song on the other hand is fantastic for what it is: music to get fucked up and dance on your kitchen table, just like they do in the video. Lion head optional.

Oberhofer @ Coco66, Brooklyn, NY – May 15, 2011

Coco66, which is just a blinking neon sign blaring BAR in big red letters, is a non-descript venue with a secret performance space hidden by a big velvet curtain. The show starts at 9:45, but for all good things one must wait. Vacation kicked off the show with their synth guitar, dreamy sound. Lead singer Paul Daily has a velvety voice (he sounds like Matt Berninger from The National) and wraps you in his own world when he sings “Penny Pincher.” From here the crowd kept dreaming with the next opener Windowpeak. A female-led slow grind, dreary rock band that sounds like Mazzy Star. This band is simply incredible and it’s clear that they will be going far. You have to listen to “Harsh Realm” and “Burnout.” You will not be disappointed.And finally, Oberhofer. It was as if all the air had gone out of the room and was replaced with this fucking incredible sound. Their set was way, way too short in my opinion. I could have listened for hours. They closed with “I Could Go,” my favorite Oberhofer song. Something about the light show, Brad’s sincerity in his voice and the yearning sound of both guitar and drum completed the show in the most perfect way. I had a brief chance to talk with Brad Oberhofer backstage who told me of his passion for orchestral music and plans on one day scoring films. Which seems to be new indie scene phenomenon, with Broken Social Scene scoring “Half Nelson” in 2006 and Phoenix scoring the new Sofia Coppola film. All in all the show sounded like three bands, all good friends from Tacoma, Washington, having a good time. They each amped up the energy of the crowd as much as the last band, all their sets were super tight and the light show perfectly complimented the music but didn’t distract from it. Oberhofer will be recording new material after their tour. Next stop, Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI tomorrow night (May 18) with Neon Indian.

Radical Dads To Release ‘Mega Rama’ June 14th

The Radical Dads announced the release their very first full-length album June 14th. For those who have not heard of this band, you are urged to head to their website and listen to “Reckless” with your windows open and the speakers vibrating. The song is a mix of pretty vocals, growling guitars, and a hammering drum. The band, which formed in 2008, is comprised of Lindsay Baker (singer/guitarist), Robbie Guertin, of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (singer/drummer), and Chris Diken (guitarist). Radical Dads released their self-titled EP in May 2009 and the “Reckless” 7-inch in December 2010. Their album is being released by Uninhabitable Mansions, an art collective and record label based in Brooklyn. And for all of you Brooklynites, there will be a show at Goodbye Blue Monday, celebrating Ms. Bakers’ birthday. Check out the show, fall in love with the band, and buy their album on June 14th.