Cassettes Won’t Listen Release ‘Evinspacey’ June 21st

Cassettes Won’t Listen, the one-man project of Jason Drake (partner and former director of marketing at the famed indie hip hop label Definitive Jux) announced the release of his full-length album Evinspacey. Known best for the single “Cutting Balloons” and official remixes of notable artists such as Aesop Rock, El-P, Midlake, Mr. Lif, Morcheeba and others, Drake’s track “The Echoes” mixes futuristic hip hop beats with his melodic vocals. The album itself is Drake’s nod to his new address (LA from Brooklyn) as well a musing on despair in the city. Summer and Fall tour dates for Cassettes Won’t Listen will be announced soon. Meanwhile, listen to “The Echoes” while meandering down the street and you will find yourself transported into a completely new world. A world you won’t need much convincing to explore.

Kevin Spacey Fights Cassettes Won’t Listen

Most people would be flattered to have an album titled after them. Well, apparently actor Kevin Spacey is not one of those people. Jason Drake also known as Cassettes Won’t Listen originally planned on naming the record after the insane actor. Spacey has slapped Drake with a a cease-and-desist order, of course after several thousand copies of Kevinspacey have been printed. The album will now be called Evinspacey…umm clever? It will drop June 21st on Daylight Curfew records. This is Drake’s second cease-and-desist order, as he also got slapped with one in 2008 for the Guns N’ Roses and Ludacris mashup “Ludacris Democracy.” Cassettes really won’t listen.