Liturgy Premieres ‘Generation’, Release Second LP ‘Aesthethica,’ And Announces CD Release Show at Knitting Factory June 2nd

This Brooklyn black metal band has been busy recording screams and droning guitars. Though “Generation” accomplishes everything this extreme subgenre boasts (minus the screams), “High Gold” sounds much like “Generation” (with the screams), but at faster tempo. You can feel the angst seeping out of his every earth-shattering yell. You can visualize churches burning, the lead singers drinking kitten blood, and participating in other various anti-Christ activities. Liturgy will be leaving shortly for their second European tour, but when they return be ready to head-bang and scream along because they will be celebrating the release of Aesthethica at the infamous Knitting Factory on June 2nd. Bring your finest Goth and witness the chaos.