Amanda Palmer Announces Winners of ‘Map of Tasmania Remix Project’ and ‘On An Unknown Beach’ Video

The lovely and talented Amanda Palmer announced the winners of her remix project on Indaba Music recently. The ultimate winner is David Minnik of Detroit, MI, and the pentultimate winners are Jared Graham (York, PA) and Simone Ewouds (Enschede, The Netherlands). Their interpretations of Palmer’s tracks are now available on the two remix EP’s featured on her pay-what-you-desire Bandcamp website. The winners also were compensated for their contributions to the remix EP’s. Minnick took home $1,000 and the two runners-up, $500 each. Palmer also recently released the “On An Unknown Beach Video,” which features Palmer as a rejected bride running on an empty beach and rolling around the sand in despair. Though it sounds laughable, the video is a beautiful representation of this heart-wrenching song.