Amanda Palmer Announces Winners of ‘Map of Tasmania Remix Project’ and ‘On An Unknown Beach’ Video

The lovely and talented Amanda Palmer announced the winners of her remix project on Indaba Music recently. The ultimate winner is David Minnik of Detroit, MI, and the pentultimate winners are Jared Graham (York, PA) and Simone Ewouds (Enschede, The Netherlands). Their interpretations of Palmer’s tracks are now available on the two remix EP’s featured on her pay-what-you-desire Bandcamp website. The winners also were compensated for their contributions to the remix EP’s. Minnick took home $1,000 and the two runners-up, $500 each. Palmer also recently released the “On An Unknown Beach Video,” which features Palmer as a rejected bride running on an empty beach and rolling around the sand in despair. Though it sounds laughable, the video is a beautiful representation of this heart-wrenching song.

Get The Results From “8in8,” A Musical Experiment By Damian Kulash, Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman

Last month, Damian Kulash of Ok Go, Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and Ben Folds attempted to write eight songs in eight hours during the Rethink Music conference in Boston; the project was appropriately called “8in8.” In the end, they only put together six songs and releasing them on Amanda Palmer’s bandcamp page, while documenting the entire process in 12 hours of webstreamed video.

The insta-album, as they call it, was named Nighty Night. The entire project has been released under a Creative Commons BY-NC license, which means you are free to share and remix the songs as you please (except for commercial purposes).

All proceeds go to the Berklee City Music Network, a Boston based charity that brings music education for under-served teens free of charge. So check out Nighty Night; not only will you be participating in showing the music industry that there are other ways of producing music than the tradition label route but you will also be helping out arts education!

Ben Folds, Damian Kulash, Amanda Palmer, and Neil Gaiman Rethink How Music Is Made

Ben Folds, Damian Kulash of OK Go, Amanda Palmer and author Neil Gaiman will be performing a music production superstunt on April 25th at Berklee College of Music. From 4 pm to midnight, a mere eight hours, they will write and records eight songs, and release them 10 hours later at the Rethink Music conference in Boston. Their goal is to show how record companies are becoming less essential to music distribution.

This event will be broadcast live from the recording studio at and the album will be released through Proceeds from the first week of downloads will go to Berklee City Music, which provides free music education to underserved teens.

The next day, April 26th, Folds, Kulash, Palmer, and Gaiman will give a presentation on the recording project at 10:40 a.m. at Rethink Music, and perform a private concert for the lucky people registered for the conference. at the Berklee Performance Center accompanied by Basia Bulat and Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears.

Take A Trip Down Under With Amanda Palmer

Always looking for a way to push the envelope, Australian native Amanda Palmer has certainly done it again with the release of her latest album Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under.  In her new single, “Map of Tasmania”, Palmer not only disses a former lover for his love of the Aussie treat vegemite, but also gives praise to a woman’s nether regions.   

Finishing a long drawn out battle to be released from her major label record contract, Amanda has set the Internet ablaze with her unique way of sharing her music with the rest of the world.  Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under will be released physically in her native of Australia through Liberator on January 21st, but fans will also be able to download the album electronically and choose how much they would like to pay. 

In support of her new album, she will be touring Australia and New Zealand throughout January and February which includes a stop at MONO FOMA Festival in Tasmania.  Check out all of her latest information on her Web site.