Savoir Adore Release New Single

Savoir Adore began as a 48-hour challenge between two friends. The band has since evolved into one of the most unique bands in Brooklyn.

The band has recently released the single “Sparrow” on Neon Gold Records and released a live video of the song “Loveliest Creature” which you can see below.

Savoir Adore – Loveliest Creature from Haus + Longhitano on Vimeo.

The group will be playing a show in their hometown Brooklyn. If you happen to live nearby, you can check them out here:

May 13

Audiophile @ Brooklyn Museum

200 Eastern Parkway

7:30 PM

w/ MEN



NYC Weekend Show Roundup!

Earl Greyhound, Cavalier Rose, Knights on Earth @ Bowery Ballroom
The Naked and Famous, Savoir Adore @ Brooklyn Bowl
Amazing Baby, Acrylics, Teen, Psychic @ Cameo Gallery
Kittens Ablaze, Team B, Baby Alpaca @ Glasslands
Greg Laswell, Harper Blynn (formerly Pete and J) @ Highline Ballroom
Wakey! Wakey!, Jenny Owen Youngs @ Maxwell’s
Tall Tall Trees, Great Elk @ Mercury Lounge
Lee Fields & The Expressions, Charles Bradley and The Menahan Street Band @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Roadside Graves, Motel Motel, Dinosaur Feathers, Ivana XL, Teletextile @ Pianos
Peelander Z, Starscream, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re @ Santos Party House
Paul and the Patients, Zoos Of Berlin, Life Size Maps, Sports, The Sanctuaries @ Spike Hill
The Frames @ Terminal 5
Bardo Pond, Pontiak, Crazy Dreams Band, Bad Dream, Silver Summit @ The Bell House
La Strada, Hospitality, Birdlips @ The Rock Shop
Black Dice, Blues Control, McDonalds (mbrs of Oxford Collapse), Avey Tare (DJ set) @ The Schoolhouse
Kate Nash @ The Wellmont Theatre

Javelin, Future Islands, Lonnie Walker @ 285 Kent Avenue
Delorean, Lemonade, Light Pollution @ Bowery Ballroom
Young Prisms, Weekend, MINKS, Big Troubles @ Glasslands

New York City’s Weekly Show Round Up


Klaxons, Baby Monster @ Bowery Ballroom

Emily Wells @ City Winery

Sea Wolf, Sera Cahoone, Patrick Park @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn

Sleigh Bells @ Studio at Webster Hall


Ra Ra Riot @ Bowery Ballroom

Pavement @ Central Park Rumsey Playfield

Jenny and Johnny, Love as Laughter @ Maxwell’s

Wavves, Christmas Island, The Babies @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Thee Oh Sees, Sex Beet, Happy Birthday, Fergus & Geronimo @ Santo’s Party House


Ra Ra Riot, Lower Dens @ Bowery Ballroom

Pavement @ Central Park Rumsey Playfield

Emily Wells, Shipa Ray @ City Winery

Spacehog @ Maxwell’s

Klaxons, Baby Monsters @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

French Horn Rebellion, Savoir Adore, Mighty Five @ The Woods

Caribou, Emeralds @ Webster Hall


The Boxer Rebellion, Amusement Parks on Fire, Augustines @ Bowery Ballroom

Pavement @ Central Park Rumsey Playfield

Tera Melos, Anamanaguchi, Pterodactyl, Fiasco @ Death by Audio

Field Music, Motel Motel @ Littlefield

Ra Ra Riot, North Highlands, We Barbarians @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Simian Mobile Disco (DJ Set) @ Santo’s Party House

LCD Soundsystem, Sleigh Bells @ The Wellmont Theatre

These Are Powers, Gatekeeper @ Union Pool


Gordon Voidwell @ BAM Cafe

David Bazan, The Mynabirds@ Brooklyn Bowl

Pavement @ Central Park Rumsey Playfield

The Acorn, Basia Bulat @ Littlefield

Bettie Serveert, The Art of Shooting @ Maxwell’s

Electric Six, Fall On Your Sword, Fake Problems @ Maxwell’s

Ra Ra Riot, Anamanaguchi @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Japanther, This Runs on Blood, Math the Band @ Shea Stadium

Stars, Wild Nothing @ Terminal 5

The National, Owen Pallett @ The Wellmont Theatre

Spreading the Love with Savoir Adore!


Savoir Adore might make little to no sense when translated from French, but this New York based band has been doing the complete opposite. While gaining an immense amount of recognition in the indie-rock industry, Savoir Adore plans on gradually expanding its music not only domestically but internationally.The group’s mates Deidre Muro, Paul Hammer and David Perlick-Molinari expose the details of Savoir Adore’s debut album In the Wooded Forest and share their experience of their second year at the CMJ.

What is the translation and meaning of your band’s name?

Deidre:We just sort of jammed together and we had never played together before. We literally made one mp3 recording and wanted to share it with people on Myspace. So, we made a name on the spot to share that mp3, that’s how it started but we found more meaning in it on the way.

Paul: We had just been talking about the French language and Deidre recorded a song with several French words in it and our name roughly translates as to know love, or adoration. Savoir Adore is actually two verbs so it doesn’t literally make sense, but maybe a hundred years from now it will be accepted as a phrase.

The news are that you guys have a new album, what sets it apart from the previous recordings you’ve worked on?

Deidre: We only had one album before this one. It was recorded in one weekend, so we kind of challenged ourselves. As for the new album, we had a more extended approach, we definitely spent more time with it, I guess that’s the main difference.

Are you pleased with the outcome?

Paul: It’s sort of unavoidable, as you record the new songs, it’s unavoidable to discover the new recording methods. We learned a lot through the process. I’m definitely happy with how it turned out, but also now we’re separated from it and we’re recording new stuff.


Can you describe your music-making process?

Deidre: We have a couple of different methods. We’ll be in the same room, Paul will be on the drums while I’m jamming on something else and we sort of hit record and jam.Afterwards, we’ll listen back and pick out different parts. Sometimes, one of us will start an mp3 and forward it to someone else and take it from there.

Paul: Another way to describe the process is to tell you what we don’t do. That being is that we never get together and write a song straight through. The project itself has to do a lot with experimenting with both song writing and recording processes. The EP was basically all the sounds you hear was the first time we ever played them. Everything was written in the room. As for the new album is was more developed; we sent a few tracks back and forth and built upon music we had recorded. As we develop, we’re discovering what works the best. 

Who mostly contributes to the song-writing?

Paul: The song-writing is pretty even. We find ourselves swapping material. Deidre tends to write more lyrics, I tend to write more of the rhythms, and David contributes with melodies.

Do you have any favorite songs from your own recordings?

Deidre: I would say “We Talk like Machines”. 

Paul: I agree.It has become our favorite song on the album. For some reason every time we play it live, it always feels new and refreshing every time.

What bands have you been listening to?

Paul: We both have been listening to Phoenix nonstop.


Aside from the band and the music, what do you spend your time on?

Deidre: I love this question! We both enjoy cooking and eating, I like discovering new recipes and I cook for David all the time.

Paul: I’m more of a meat person. I like roasting meat…None of you guys are vegetarian, right?

 Well, I’m actually a vegetarian.

Paul: I guess I have to rephrase that now(laughs). I definitely enjoy cooking though.

Was there a turning point for Savoir Adore?

Deidre: We didn’t start out as a band, it was very gradual. There was not really a turning point, and I don’t even know if it’s that way now. I mean, we both have left day jobs, but we still do freelance, It’s just a different lifestyle.

 How has your music developed and changed over time?

Deidre: I think it’s a time reflection what we’re currently influenced by. We absorb what we’re into in the moment and incorporate it into music.

Paul: The last two years we’ve learned a lot about playing together. It was interesting to see that the way we recorded and discovered what works for us and what doesn’t. Much of what we have done so far is experimentation. Now we want to approach things more critically, realizing the need for more harmonies.As you work on a project you sort of realized the strengths and weaknesses.

This being your second time playing at the CMJ, would you say you like it? 

Paul: We haven’t been able to see a lot of bands because our schedule revolves around performances. I think it’s been great both years.Every weekend in New York is sort of a mini CMJ. We’re hoping for booking agents to discover our music through our shows.

 Do you have a favorite venue to play at?

 Paul: Music Hall by far! They treat you well, the sound is incredible, and you’re in the middle of Williamsburg.

What’s the band’s next mission?

Deidre: Definitely writing.

Paul: We’re planning on going back to the studio, we’re hoping to expand on where we’ve been releasing our music. Touring is definitely on the agenda, but we want to do it right. This meaning support and someone setting up shows for us. Recording, releasing music in the UK and hopefully going to Europe eventually. I think the world is ready (laughs)!

-Viktorsha Uliyanova