The Rapture Returns with New Record

If your name is The Rapture, there is no better time to make a small comeback than now. When was the last time we heard from these guys anyway? Ironcially all of the talk about the actual rapture, had me searching for my Rapture albums on the shelf. Well played God. The band is heading back to their old label, the James Murphy owned DFA Records for their revival. This will be the group’s first record in 5 years. It was recorded in Brooklyn and Paris. The Rapture will release The Grace of Your Love on September 6th. Take a peek at the tracklisting below.

01 Sail Away
02 Miss You
03 Blue Bird
04 Come Back to Me
05 In the Grace of Your Love
06 Never Gonna Die Again
07 Roller Coaster
08 Children
09 Can You Find a Way?
10 How Deep Is Your Love?
11 It Takes Time to Be a Man

LCD Soundsystem Get Everyone To Dance On Their Grave At Madison Square Garden

I remember the first time I spotted LCD Soundsystem’s lead singer and creator James Murphy on the L train. It was a Sunday afternoon and we were the only two people in the car, besides a street performer playing a saxophone for change. I sat there only a few feet away from both of them, studying James as he leaned against the door with his headphones on. The performance was one I will never forget. He played that thing with blood sweat and tears, jumping around flailing his legs, while at the same time hitting some of the worst possible notes he could or could not think of. James just stood there nonplussed, as if the man wasn’t even there before exiting the train on 1st Avenue. Though we never made eye contact, I am pretty sure we both shared a moment of random perplexity that made us think to ourselves “Only in New York City” which is perhaps one of the many reasons we love this place so much.

Nearly 5 years later, I found myself standing in a line outside of Mercury Lounge amongst 500+ people for hours anxious to get general admission tickets to what would be the last LCD Soundsystem show ever. The company of friends was the only thing keeping me from thinking about standing there in 14 degree weather risking hypothermia, and the fact that I woke up at 7am to go stand on a line in the first place. A month later, as we walked into Madison Square Garden, my friends and I sighed the words of relief “totally worth it”… When we made it to the floor, we just stood there for a minute and spun our heads around in amazement. We watched hundreds upon hundreds of people dance there asses off, all in unison bearing ear to ear grins. Everyone was clad in black and white, as this was a “funeral” for the band of sorts, but no way did it feel like one. We all knew we were part of something huge. I don’t mean to gush, but you just had to be there.

The show started on a somber note, playing the first bars of 10cc’s “Not In Love”, a track I always include on CD mixes for friends, though I am sure it went unnoticed to most of the audience. The first set included “Dance Yrself Clean”, “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”, “All My Friends”, and “Tired” with a snippet of 70’s progressive rock band Yes’ “Heart of the Sunrise”, a song I have known since my toddler years. It was a joyful ending as my friends and I danced arm in arm, and great predecessor to the following 2 and a half hours the show still had.

The second set started with a track they made for a Nike ad called “45:33”, which most perceived was performed as a joke, but mostly so Murphy could take a break. The tune previews clips of songs that later became the track list to their sophomore studio release “Sound Of Silver”. Some of the special guest who joined them onstage include Reggie Watts, and DFA affiliates The Juan Maclean and Shit Robot who performed in a rocket ship and a pyramid, putting to rest the rumors that Daft Punk would be making an appearance. Coming into the third set saw Arcade Fire approach the stage to back vocals for “North American Scum”, a ground-shaking performance of “Movement”, the very first song I ever heard by them, and “Home” which I am sure left a cry ball in everyones throat.

But the real tear jerker, of course, was “New York I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down”, and it was so for so many reasons. As James announced that he was about to sing his last song ever, the audience booed, prompting him to ask not for boos but for cheers, and cheers he got, for about 5 minutes in fact. He thanked his family, fans, friends, and band mates with tears in his eyes, and started the song, adding profoundly long pauses in between lines. During the songs ending, white balloons fell from the ceiling, and James bowed, sealing the deal on one of the best live performances I have ever seen in my entire life, and the end of LCD Soundsystem.

I still haven’t made eye contact with James, and I probably never will for that matter, but I feel like we relived that moment from 5 years ago. There was no train, no crazy saxophone player, just a lot of love, a lot of energy and an amazing perfromance. Thank you LCD Soundsystem for the music, for the memories, and for sharing a fondness for New York City that will never die…

James Murphy is Pissed.

In a development conspiracy theorists could whet their palates over, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem has announced four shows at Manhattan’s Terminal 5 leading up to their final hurrah at Madison Square Garden on April 2nd.  Tickets for the MSG show sold out fast — much to the surprise of pretty much everyone except some bloodsucking scalpers.  Now that tickets are going up for obscene amounts of cash on craiglist and ebay, Murphy has decided to channel his frustration into more gigs – this time hoping he can actually get tickets to the real fans.  In a tirelessly long post on the band’s website titled “fuck you, scalpers”, Murphy vents directly to the fans, who have been affected most.  It’s an honest and at times hilarious account from the band’s side of things, with Murphy describing a failed attempt to buy a ticket off a scalper himself.

Anyway, the Terminal 5 shows are going down March 28-31 — only fans pure of heart may wield a ticket.  Or so Murphy hopes.

Free Energy Announce New Tour Dates… With Weezer!

Free Energy are on a roll. Their debut album, Stuck On Nothing,  which came out in March on Astralwerks/DFA Records, was produced by Mr. James Murphy, Rolling Stone’s words to describe it are, very simply, “It totally fucking rules”
and Pitchfork calls them “totally rad.” Not bad for a first album.

Things are getting bigger now as they will be joining Weezer’s Memories Tour for the band’s Boston and New York dates in December! We have all the dates below! Meanwhile, they still have a good month accompanying Foxy Shazam around the country (we have those dates too) but are making a point to keep those who cannot follow them on the road entertained with the “Free Energy Power Hour.” During this express TV show, the band shows off their comedic skills with mock tape repair ad and parodies of tacky buddy sitcoms, among others. You can view the second episode right HERE!

Here are their upcoming tour dates:
11/11: Seattle, WA – Crocodile Café (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/12: Vancouver, BC – Media Club (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/14: Edmonton, AB – Pawn Shop (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/15: Calgary, AB – The Republik (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/16: Saskatoon, SK – Amigos (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/17: Winnipeg, MB – The Pyramid (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/18: Minneapolis, MN – 400 Bar (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/19: Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/20: Indianapolis, IN – Radio Radio (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/21: Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/22: Albany, NY – Valentines (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/23: Boston, MA – Paradise (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/24: New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/26: Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/27: Philadelphia, PA – Theater of Living Arts (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
11/30: Lancaster, PA – The Chameleon Club (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
12/01: Washington, DC – Rock and Roll Hotel (Foxy & Free Tour, Sponsored by SPIN Magazine)
12/07: Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theater
12/08: Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
12/09: Iowa City, IA – Blue Moose Tap
12/14: Boston, MA – Orpheum Theatre  (with Weezer)
12/15: Boston, MA – Orpheum Theatre (with Weezer)
12/17: New York, NY – Roseland Ballroom (with Weezer)
12/18: New York, NY – Roseland Ballroom (with Weezer)