James Murphy is Pissed.

In a development conspiracy theorists could whet their palates over, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem has announced four shows at Manhattan’s Terminal 5 leading up to their final hurrah at Madison Square Garden on April 2nd.  Tickets for the MSG show sold out fast — much to the surprise of pretty much everyone except some bloodsucking scalpers.  Now that tickets are going up for obscene amounts of cash on craiglist and ebay, Murphy has decided to channel his frustration into more gigs – this time hoping he can actually get tickets to the real fans.  In a tirelessly long post on the band’s website titled “fuck you, scalpers”, Murphy vents directly to the fans, who have been affected most.  It’s an honest and at times hilarious account from the band’s side of things, with Murphy describing a failed attempt to buy a ticket off a scalper himself.

Anyway, the Terminal 5 shows are going down March 28-31 — only fans pure of heart may wield a ticket.  Or so Murphy hopes.

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