A Modern Mystery Holiday Party with Jon Eaton of The Spinto Band

Happy Holidays from Modern Mystery! Today we are starting what we like to call, ‘The Modern Mystery Holiday Party.’ We have questioned a few of our favorite indie bands about their Top Albums and Songs of 2008.

We also have them sharing with us their favorite Holiday memories and anything else they wanted to add. Who will appear on here in the next couple of weeks or so? Well, you’ll have to wait to find out, and we’re not even done with getting all of the results back.

We are honored to start off with Jon Eaton, guitarist of The Spinto Band. The band released their new record ‘Moonwink’ this year, and if you haven’t picked it up yet…well we think there is something wrong with you.

Jon Eaton’s Top 10 Records of the Year, (in no particular order.)

Q-Tip The Renaissance
And The Moneynotes- New Cornucopia
Dr. Dog- Fate
Silver Jews- Lookout Mountain Lookout Sea
Ra Ra Riot The Rhumb Line
The Breeders- Mountain Battles
Thao and The Get Down Stay Down- We Brave Bee Stings and All
Nick Freitas- Sun Down
Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend
Man Man- Rabbit Habits

The Best Thing That Happened to Me This Year:
Meeting Jamie from Myth Busters . (You can watch the VIDEO of this hillarious event here)

Strangest Thing That Happened to Me This Year: 
I actually was fortunate enough to celebrate the dawn of the new year in North Queensland Australia listening to a guy named Potsy talk about the best way to kill a wild pig. This was actually a great holiday memory as well… Everyone should spend at least one holiday in the tropics.

Stay Tuned Next Time to See Who Joins Us for Our ‘Holiday Party’….