Ben Dowling Unveils Cover of “The Times They Are A-Changin'”

Ben Dowling, pianist and musician releases an incredibly unique rendition of “The Times They Are A-Changin’” by the great Bob Dylan. Known for his simplicity, his elegance, and his dedication to projects that are bigger than he is, Dowling is an artist who desires to see a change in the world and the people who inhabit it.

“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand…” lyrics from a song we all know very well, but only now do we truly understand and feel the message behind the lyrics. When asked about his inspiration for choosing to cover this old protest song, Ben Dowling mentions that what better time to cover a song like this, than right now.

Listeners notice many incredibly talented artists worked hard to help bring this track together, and when asked about his own tribe, Dowling says, “My people include my fellow Agape House Band members: Rob McDonald, David Neal, the inimitable Curt Bisquera and the soulful Joshua Sklair. When we work together—as is our joy—the world changes. When we create together, time shifts on its axis.”

We admire artists like Ben Dowling, who are using their music, art, and platform to help create change in this world.

Listen to Ben’s version of “The Times They Are A-Changin'” below:

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Girls Rock For A Cause

Founded only two short years ago, Girls Who Rock is an annual concert in NYC that aims to bring together the strongest voices in technology, entertainment, and design to advocate and fund-raise for girls’ education worldwide. On Friday night, the group staged said concert at the Gramercy Theatre with proceeds from this year’s event benefiting She’s the First, a not-for-profit that focuses specifically on educating girls in the developing world.

Among the artists who performed were up-and-comers KimberlyNichole, Nikki Jean, and Eddy. Of the three newcomers, I was most impressed by KimberlyNichole, who opened with a rousing cover of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” and closed with inspiring take on Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana.” Still, Jean showed a certain penchant for songwriting that has pique my interest for her debut record, which is set for released on July 12th, and Eddy was like a ball of energy up on stage.

More seasoned performers Nina Sky and JoJo rounded out the lineup. I spoke with Nina Sky before the show and the sisters revealed that they had only first heard about the event a mere week before it was scheduled to take place, but they made a point of signing up. JoJo, however, has been involved with the organization for a while now, which was evident from her effusive praise for the event and its organizers. Both artists’ sets were great but, the night belonged to JoJo, who blew the roof off with her four song set. Down below I’ve embedded video footage of the 20-year old performing her new single “Jumping Trains” and a PSA she recorded for She’s the First. Anyone interested in donating to the charity can do so by visiting THIS LINK.


A Tribute to Michael Jackson

Losing Michael Jackson yesterday has already spawned tons of cover songs by other bands. I guess it is the most flattering way you can be remembered.  Who ever thought this would happen so soon. You can’t help to respect the man’s talent and passion for music, amongst other things.

I remember being a little kid in the 80’s and having Michael Jackson dubbed cassettes from my older cousins. We used to moonwalk across the living room and we even started our own little ‘fake kids band’ with our instruments imitating his songs. I also have video footage of my cousin Chris moonwalking in the background of a 1980’s Christmas day (don’t let him know I told you that!)  I wasn’t the biggest Michael Jackson fan in the world, but he did indeed change the face of music and quite frankily, one of my first tastes of ‘real music.’

One of my favorite that I heard today was a cover of ‘Billie Jean’ by an up and coming band called The Lost Fingers, a jazzy little trio from Canada.

Rest in peace Michael, you’ll be missed.

Enjoy this lovely cover of ‘Billie Jean’  by The Lost Fingers HERE