Holiday Shores Reveal Release Date


Holiday Shores have finally given the release date for their anxiously awaited sophomore album.

The band’s second album, New Masses for Squaw Peak, will be available September 13th, via twosyllable records. The album has the band exploring new directions and new themes, further expanding their sound while honing their melodies and lyrics.

To celebrate the revelation of a set release date, the band is offering a sneak peak of their first single, “Spells” which you can listen to here.

Furthermore, the band just played a couple shows in Brooklyn this weekend, playing the Woods and Public Assembly, June 18th and 19th, respectively.


The Trews Head North With The American Badass

Hard-rocking Canadians The Trews have just kicked off a foot-stomping tour of Canada with fellow rocker (and Bourbon conniesseuer) Kid Rock.

The band recently released their fourth full-length album, Hope & Ruin on Bumstead Records, and now will be melting faces throughout the Great White North.

The group is rapidly drawing attention for their subtle balance between catchy pop and gruff hard rock. Besides a Canadian conquest, the group will also be tearing up (sonically) New York, playing a batch of shows near the end of June.

Listen to their song “One by One” right here…

and to check out the Trews live, head North (or NE) right about…

June 22 – Syracuse, NY – Wescott Theatre

June 23 – Rochester, NY – Water Street Music Hall

June 24 – Watertown, NY – Watertown Fairgrounds w/ The Tragically Hip

June 25 – Bobcaygeon, ON – Bobcaygeon w/The Tragically Hip and Sam Roberts

June 28 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge

July 1 – Darthmouth, ND – Alderney Landing

July 6 – Buffalo, NY – Art Park

July 8 – Sarnia, ON – Bayfest @ Centennial Park

Digitalism Release First Track Off ‘I Love You, Dude’

For those that have been waiting since 2007 for a new album from Germany’s Digitalism, wait no more…well maybe a little longer. The Deutchlanders are set to release their first album in four years on June 21st, titled I Love You, Dude. On the new record, the Hamburg duo further merge their blend of rock & electronic dance music. To listen and download the single, “2 Hearts” go here.

I Love You, Dude Tracklisting

2 Hearts
Forrest Gump
Just Gazin’
Miami Showdown

Sam Roberts Band – “Collider”

Brace yourself, this is the start of a new brand of music; this is groundbreaking. That was sarcasm. Collider sounds just like original Sam Roberts material, so Sam Roberts fans rest at ease. With the growing recognition of Sam Roberts work, it is a smart idea that Sam Roberts Band did not stem too far from normality. Fortunately, to avoid being banal, there are new worldly sounds on this album that will give a new texture to the music you have come accustomed to.

“The Last Crusade” is a funky bass-driven groove with fun intentions. Unintentionally or intentionally inspired by afro-beat, “The Last Crusade” is an ethnic rumpus that skillfully avoids being corny. Imagine this: you are bobbing your head to a firm beat when all of a sudden the Star Wars Cantina Band comes in with blistering horns. I kid you not, the horns mimic the jam band from Tatooine. Oddly enough, it fits. The song is a funky, fun, and cool little hymn. “The Last Crusade” has the Sam Roberts feel but the newly added funk gives it a little flare.

Sam Roberts knows how to make rock songs. Each song has something distinctive that makes you crave for a relisten. The soothing progression of “No Arrows”, the vocal harmonies on “Longitude”, and the dancey chorus of “Sang Froid” all make the album frequently worth an entire run-through. Not one song is bad which makes it an easy choice for a great unabridged listen. Even the single, “I Feel You”, which sometimes is a band’s weakest tune, has an explosive chorus and true passion. The tone is beyond powerful.

Collider is not going to blow you away with something you have never heard before. It is the same old style but that is good. Why change the style of an artist that is just now rightfully getting recognized? This album will leave a smile on your face, even if it is only for a short period. It is not a rehash, it is simply a Sam Roberts redux or now the newly formed Sam Roberts Band.

Cassettes Won’t Listen Release ‘Evinspacey’ June 21st

Cassettes Won’t Listen, the one-man project of Jason Drake (partner and former director of marketing at the famed indie hip hop label Definitive Jux) announced the release of his full-length album Evinspacey. Known best for the single “Cutting Balloons” and official remixes of notable artists such as Aesop Rock, El-P, Midlake, Mr. Lif, Morcheeba and others, Drake’s track “The Echoes” mixes futuristic hip hop beats with his melodic vocals. The album itself is Drake’s nod to his new address (LA from Brooklyn) as well a musing on despair in the city. Summer and Fall tour dates for Cassettes Won’t Listen will be announced soon. Meanwhile, listen to “The Echoes” while meandering down the street and you will find yourself transported into a completely new world. A world you won’t need much convincing to explore.