Great Northern ‘Houses’

2009 is already starting out to be a great year for new records. Case in point, Great Northern will be releasing ‘Remind Me Where the Light Is’on April 28. One of the first tsongs that has caught our attention is titled ‘Houses,’  and it is definitely making us count the days until the album’s release. Racheal Stolte’s voice gets more brilliant every time I hear it. Great Northern will also be putting out a limited edition 7″ with it. Nice. This is the kind of band that sends chills down your spine whenever you hear them. Live, they are just as phenomenal .

In addition to all of this the band is also involved with The Gooseberries project that is coming out soon. This is a collection of portraits in an LP Sleeve (that also includes a dvd of interviews, etc.) along with other great bands such as Silversun Pickups, Earlimart, and Rogue Wave.

Check out the band and listen to ‘Houses’ on their Myspace

Ben Weaver “White Snow”

It is freezing here in New York. Like, ‘Oh no, I can’t feel my feet!’ freezing. Is there anything more appropiate than a song about snow? Thanks to Ben Weaver, we’ve found the perfect one.

Mr. Weaver, who hails from Minneapolis has been making waves lately on the indie singer/songwriter circuit. If I could possibly make any sense of this, sometimes he reminds me a little bit of Stephen Malkmus with Jon Brion playing behind him. Maybe someone out there will get what I’m talking about.

But here it is for your downloading convience on this frigid winter day…

Download White Snow

Check out Ben Weaver on his Myspace

Sam Roberts Band “Detroit ’67”


Whenever I think of the Sam Roberts Band, I immediately think of the fictional group Stillwater from Almost Famous. Seeing SRB live, they just kind of embody that vibe that set the musical tone for the movie. As Jeff Bebe would have said “You know what I do? I connect. I get people off. I look for the guy who isn’t getting off, and I make him get off. “ That is exactly what the Sam Roberts Band does.

Their sound is  very distinctive. They almost belong in another time. A lot of the US hasn’t picked up on this Canadian band yet, and they deserve so much more attention than they get. If you like good, solid rock and roll, there is no reason why you haven’t checked out the Sam Roberts Band yet.

Sam Roberts Band is doing an extensive US tour that starts soon! Head over to their Myspace to check out the dates.

Watch their new video for Detroit ’67

Fleet Foxes on SNL, January 17th

To our surprise over the weekend,  Sub Pop announced that Seattle’s own Fleet Foxes will be appearing on the Saturday, January 17th episode of Saturday Night Live.

This is surely some very exciting news. Fleet Foxes are definatly making waves with their self titled debut and for them to be on SNL is a big step in their career. The band will be performing ‘Mykonos’ and ‘Blue Ridge Mountains’, two stellar tracks.  I can’t wait to see the band perform. I think it will bring in a lot of new listeners, not like they need them.

Check out the newest Fleet Foxes video ‘He Doesn’t Know Why’

Little Joy ‘Keep Me in Mind’

I’m usually one to complain that The Strokes still haven’t put out a fourth long awaited album, but I think I can stop whining for at least a little while. Drummer Fab Moretti by far takes the cake for the ‘best Strokes side project’ with his newest band, Little Joy. Megapuss and Little Joy? When does this guy sleep? Little Joy is also made up of Binki Shapiro and Rodrigo Amarante, who have the most infectious voices that you will ever hear.

What gets me about Little Joy is the fact they remind me of The Strokes, especially in the song ‘Keep Me in Mind.’ Its more about the vibe than anything else, and Little Joy is certainly their own thing. There’s just something about them that makes you want more and more.

Download Keep Me in Mind

Check out Little Joy on their Myspace

Okkervil River on The Late Show

Wednesday night, indie buzz band Okkervil River stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman. Okkervil is one of the few new acts that are living up to all of their hype. They have it all together.

 It has been a while since we’ve seen such a brilliant television performance, or any sort of live performance as amazing as Okkervil River performing ‘Pop Lie’ the other night. The band was so into their vibe that singer/guitarist Will Sheff didn’t even noticed he broke a guitar string while playing….but maybe he just didn’t give a damn. Kids, there is going to be a lot more Okkervil River talk after this performance, so be prepared.