Sam Roberts Band “Detroit ’67”


Whenever I think of the Sam Roberts Band, I immediately think of the fictional group Stillwater from Almost Famous. Seeing SRB live, they just kind of embody that vibe that set the musical tone for the movie. As Jeff Bebe would have said “You know what I do? I connect. I get people off. I look for the guy who isn’t getting off, and I make him get off. “ That is exactly what the Sam Roberts Band does.

Their sound is  very distinctive. They almost belong in another time. A lot of the US hasn’t picked up on this Canadian band yet, and they deserve so much more attention than they get. If you like good, solid rock and roll, there is no reason why you haven’t checked out the Sam Roberts Band yet.

Sam Roberts Band is doing an extensive US tour that starts soon! Head over to their Myspace to check out the dates.

Watch their new video for Detroit ’67