Holy Ghost! Release “Wait & See” Remix EP And Join The Identity Festival Line-Up

DFA just released the Wait & See Remix EP, which features remixes of the from Holy Ghost! single off their self-titled 2011 debut. The contributors are Moby, CFCF, Flight Facilities, Kris Menace and Richard X. I understand you may be weary of a remix EP, but listen below for a little taste:

Holy Ghost! also just announced announce they’ll take part in this summer’s first Identity Festival, a coast to coast electronic touring festival of outdoor amphitheaters. Acts such as Pretty Lights, Rusko, Disco Biscuits, Skrillex, DJ Shadow, The Crystal Method have already been confirmed for the tour as well. Check below if you can make it!

The Identity Festival will be stopping in these cities:

August 6 – Los Angeles, CA
August 11 – Chicago, IL
August 12 – Detroit, MI
August 13 – Pittsburgh, PA
August 14 – Holmdel, NJ
August 16 – Charlotte, NC
August 18 – Washington, DC
August 19 – Philadelphia, NJ
August 20 – Boston, MA
August 21 – New York, NY
August 23 – Atlanta, GA
August 24 – Tampa, FL
August 25 – Miami, FL
August 27 – Houston, TX
August 28 – Dallas, TX
August 30 – Albuquerque, NM
September 2 – San Diego, CA
September 3 – San Francisco, CA
September 4 – Irvine Meadows, CA
September 5 – Las Vegas, NV
September 10 – Seattle, WA

Moby Releases First Single From ‘Destroyed’

It’s easy to still root for Moby, but tough to expect to be surprised by him anymore.  “The Day” is the first single on Moby’s new album, Destroyed, out May 17th, and it’s an unbelievable bore.  If you want, you can listen here anyway.

The production, a homage to the Berlin Trilogy, has an emotionless gloss over it which gets further obscured by Moby’s flat vocal delivery.  Overall, the track is bogged down by sheer monotony; there’s no tonal shift, no significant tempo change, and nothing to hold on to.    Maybe he should have sang it in French.  No, that’s worse.

Mute Talks Restructure

After returning to being independent after reaching an agreement with EMI Music, Mute has released details of their new structure. Led by Daniel Miller, Mute will be comprised of the record label, publishing company and a new artist/producer management company. Angie Somerside is returning to Mute as Group MD and will be starting up the new artist management company. The new company has already received new signings, including Junip, Josh T. Pearson and S.C.U.M. Mute’s NY office is currently working with such artists as Moby, Liars, Fever Ray and Paul van Dyk, to name a few. Andrew King continues to take charge of the publishing company and Mute’s NY office will be headed by General Manager, Mark Fotiadis, who will work closely with the UK company in publishing and managment deals.